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Sculpt And Model Your Very Own Custom Hair Brush And Hairstyle In Zbrush

——   Created by Máté Vörös

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Hair is a really important part of a character. It can be realistic, stylized or cartoonish. There are a lot of different hair brushes on the internet, but why don't you make your own one? 

You can use it without to worry about the rights or maybe you can't find the suitable on the internet what you need for your own character. Furthermore after you have made a custom brush, you can sell it on the internet so that can be a cool passive income for you.

In this course I will guide you through, how you can make your very own custom hair brush and hairstyle to your character. 

During the course you will learn:

  • How to make custom hair geometry
  • How to make a brush from a custom geometry
  • How to make a badass icon to you custom brush
  • How to build up a custom hair on a character

Follow my Zbrush class and create your own hair brush and hairstyle and share it with me and the others!

Get access to a private Facebook group where you will get a lot of useful resources day to day and you can connect with other 3D artists.

The course project

If you follow this course, you have two options: Create exactly what I create, or watch the class and make your very own hair brush and hairstyle based on what you learned!

I am happy with both method, choose whatever makes you learn more!

You can submit a simple image like this:

12 Lessons

1 min
free preview
10 mins
Zbrush basics
free preview
2 mins
Set up project
4 mins
Clone cylinders
4 mins
Set polygroups
3 mins
Set polygroups vol 2
2 mins
Make the brush
2 mins
3 mins
Try on a head
3 mins
Save the brush
5 mins
Hair buildup
1 min

About the instructor

Máté  Vörös

I am 3D artist, digital sculptor. I am sculpting characters, creatures and 3D assets for 3D printing or digital purposes using Zbrush. As a digital …

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