Seaview Landscape In Acrylics

——   Created by Beatrice Ajayi

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Welcome to this class ‘Seaview Landscape In Acrylics ’.

My name is Beatrice Ajayi and I will be taking the class. 

This is a simple class and not to detailed. It’s intention is to get you going through a quick step by step process with easy format. Once you are used to creating basic compositions like this you will get freer in your approach and more experimental. 

Section titles:

Sketch & Paint preparation;

Grassland & Sky First Layers;

Sea, Beach and cottage layers;

Filling in Shadow Areas & Second Layers;

Add Final Details.

The course project

Tools for class: 

Painting we are replicating in this class. Repeating your own artwork in a series is a great way to get comfortable in your process and learning what works for you. Use the copy below to create your piece for the class.

Acrylic paint:- sap green, orange red, cerulean blue, ultramarine blue, Prussian blue, lemon yellow or mid yellow, white, black 

Brush:- round brush small: 

water jar:

cloth or tissue for cleaning/wiping brush and spills:

Pencil, 6 x 6 inch Paper, washi or masking tape:- 

5 Lessons

Introduction To Class
Grassland & Sky First Layers
Sea, Beach & Cottage Layers
Filling in Shadow Areas & Second Layers
Add Final Details
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About the instructor

Multi-disciplinary artist, Beatrice Ajayi was born in Glasgow, Scotland and grew up in Linlithgow, the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots. Beatrice’s artwork evokes the freedom of expression that entwines an endless supply of her Nigerian and her Scottish heritage in her creative narrative.

Her Paintings wether Abstract or subject-focused …

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