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Seaview Landscape In Acrylics

——   Created by Beatrice Ajayi

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Welcome to this class ‘Seaview Landscape In Acrylics ’.

My name is Beatrice Ajayi and I will be taking the class. 

This is a simple class and not to detailed. It’s intention is to get you going through a quick step by step process with easy format. Once you are used to creating basic compositions like this you will get freer in your approach and more experimental. 

Section titles:

Sketch & Paint preparation;

Grassland & Sky First Layers;

Sea, Beach and cottage layers;

Filling in Shadow Areas & Second Layers;

Add Final Details.

The course project

Tools for class: 

Painting we are replicating in this class. Repeating your own artwork in a series is a great way to get comfortable in your process and learning what works for you. Use the copy below to create your piece for the class.

Acrylic paint:- sap green, orange red, cerulean blue, ultramarine blue, Prussian blue, lemon yellow or mid yellow, white, black 

Brush:- round brush small: 

water jar:

cloth or tissue for cleaning/wiping brush and spills:

Pencil, 6 x 6 inch Paper, washi or masking tape:- 

5 Lessons

2 mins
Introduction To Class
4 mins
Grassland & Sky First Layers
4 mins
Sea, Beach & Cottage Layers
7 mins
Filling in Shadow Areas & Second Layers
12 mins
Add Final Details

About the instructor

Beatrice Ajayi

Multi-disciplinary artist, Beatrice Ajayi was born in Glasgow, Scotland and grew up in Linlithgow, the birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots. Beatrice’s artwork evokes the …

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