Security Operations Center - SOC Training with Splunk & FortiSIEM

Become an Analyst in a SOC Team post completing this course!

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More about this course

The aim of this course is to prepare you to give a successful interview with a Cybersecurity firm for the position of Analyst in a SOC team. To fulfill this aim we ensured to build a curriculum that enhances your technical capability right from the basics. In the first few sections, we deal with the foundations and fundamentals of IT security, networking, and SIEM tools.

In this course we cover:

We briefly describe who this course is meant for - the target audience and we define what SOC is: the Security Operations center, what it does and can do and how it is relevant.

We cover why SOC is relevant and how it is an advantage to pursue a career in cybersecurity given the lack of quality resources available. We also share how we treat this subject for a newbie, how we teach from the fundamentals so that any layman can pick up the concepts and slowly build competence.


  1. Cybersecurity basics and networking essentials
  2. Security operations center essentials - SIEM - Part 1
  3. Security operations center essentials - SIEM - Part 2
  4. Security operations center essentials - Antivirus
  5. Security devices - fundamentals
  6. Vulnerability Management
  7. Conclusion

Post completion you will be confident enough to give an interview and crack it too!

*We will keep adding more sessions throughout the next few weeks to ensure the content is relevant and with the highest of quality.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for Beginners and not for advanced audience. Hence the faculty explains each concept in detail and demonstrates with relevant tools where required.
  • Those who are interested in a career in a security operations center

46 Lessons

Introduction: Part 1 Introduction
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SOC Part 2: Importance of learning SOC
SOC Part 3: What curriculum is covered?
SOC Part 4: Security Triad: Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability
SOC Part 5: Computer Network, Topologies
SOC Part 6: Day 4: Network Footprinting
Network concepts refresher
Osi continued
Osi continued
Tcpip protocol suite
Cyber security attacks
Ethical hacking
Dos ddos
Syn flooding attack using hping3
Counter measures
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About the instructor

We specialize in Cybersecurity, Data Science and Talent Management/Human capital management training. The USP of all our training's is the hands-on that we provide, our focus is on real-life practical knowledge sharing, and not tool-based PPT slides. All our training's are conducted by highly experienced practitioners who are dyed-in-the-wool penetration …

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