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DRUM LESSONS (Course #3) Rock & Blues Shuffle Beats with Triplet Fills

——   Created by Jim McCall

Basic Shuffle Beats including Double Shuffle Beats and Triplet Fills

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Shuffle Beats are very common in todays music and are used in many popular drumming styles including rock, blues, country and jazz. In this course we introduce the Shuffle rhythm which should be are part of every drummers library. The first five lesson videos demonstrate the basic Shuffle beats followed by a second grouping of five videos that teach the more advanced Double Shuffle beats. All Shuffle beats have a nice flowing "bounce" type feel that work great in combination with the five triplet fills at the end of this course. Students will have fun with these great sounding patterns and remember, 100% DRUMMING FUN GUARANTEED !

The course project

The best way to practice the Shuffle beats is to learn each lesson thoroughly before advancing to the next video. Practice slowly at first while maintaining strict tempo before increasing speed. Make sure to count out loud, this will take the edge off the coordination and reinforce the timing. All lessons are in progressive order and best results will be obtained by practicing the lessons in the order they are listed. At the end of each practice session try playing some of the exercises by memory and improvise by combining beats and fills together. Most of all, have fun with these great sounding beats and fills.

16 Lessons

6 mins
Rock and Blues Shuffle 1
5 mins
Rock and Blues Shuffle 2
6 mins
Rock and Blues Shuffle 3
6 mins
Rock and Blues Shuffle 4
6 mins
Rock and Blues Shuffle 5
free preview
6 mins
Double Shuffle 1
6 mins
Double Shuffle 2
6 mins
Double Shuffle 3
6 mins
Double Shuffle 4
5 mins
Double Shuffle 5
5 mins
Triplet Drum Fill 1
5 mins
Triplet Drum Fill 2
5 mins
Triplet Drum Fill 3
free preview
6 mins
Triplet Drum Fill 4
6 mins
Triplet Drum Fill 5
free preview
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