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Simplify Your Life

——   Created by Zsuzsanna Fajcsak

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Did you know that by simplifying your environment you will simplify your life and feel better?

Did you know, that by simplifying your life you work on your health and you step on the road to happiness.

The Question is: How to simplify your life when you dont have time, your life is so complicated and you are so afraid of change?

The major take away: How to simplify your environment and life in such small bite sized steps that all difficulty becomes an easy to do task?

Who is it for:

  • The course is for those who feel life is too difficult, complicated, and have seemingly unresolvable issues.
  • For those who get overwhelmed often and ends in panic and stress
  • For those who have complicated relationships and tend to attract in the same complication one after the other.
  • For those who compulsively buying stuff and think those are the compensation for not facing internal issues
  • For those who feel burdened, overwhelmed often and afraid of change of any sort
  • For those who feel change is too difficult but would be ready for tiny change what doesn’t have too much of an effect in their lives
  • For those who have a hard time getting organized at home
  • For those who can't find stuff due to the mess
  • For those over 16/18 years of age
  • For those who have got beaten up by life too many times
  • For those who have been disappointed due to their expectations
  • It is for anyone who wants to experience feeling better and realizing that they have the power to cause that better feeling
  • For those who had enough being in the rut and are ready to do something to get out of it
  • For those who want to start getting their emotions under their control
  • For those who are ready to get their lives in their hands.
  • For those who are willing to open their mind for something new what brings growth
  • For those who are fed up from the mess in their lives and ready to clean it out step by step

What are the benefits?

  • Feeling better and able to breath free
  • Experiencing inner calm and start seeing life with more clarity
  • Start prioritizing among your needs, your life and seeing the real value
  • Able to sort through things what doesn’t serve us
  • A clean home, house apartment and orderliness
  • Learning to let go of things which are not used
  • Getting rid of the clutter and feeling much better
  • Donate old clothes and feel better to help others with the stuff we don’t need
  • A healthier diet and more active life
  • Start dropping weight
  • Learning to enjoy the physical activity of any sort even cleaning.
  • Learning to accomplish difficult tasks with ease.
  • Less fatigue, more concentrated work, conserving energy
  • Learning to smile, laugh, and take it easy
  • Learning to accomplish tasks with superior focus
  • Learning to express self-acknowledgment, acceptance with gratitude
  • Learning to allow oneself to be happy
  • Learning to express acceptance and gratitude for others and being happy for their achievement
  • Learning to live with genuine loving-kindness and compassion
  • Becoming a better human being and add to social change

11 Lessons

2 mins
Simplify your life benefits
free preview
1 min
Simplify your life you have support
free preview
Getting started
7 mins
Breath observation
free preview
5 mins
19 mins
House cleaning
15 mins
8 mins
6 mins
Mental emotional cleaning through Yoga
14 mins
Emotional freedom
2 mins
Recharge your life
4 mins
A live group


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Karolis Stasiunas liked this class and said...

It was very informative, very positive and refreshing course. I have took it with my two brothers 11 and 13 years old, and I do believe that this course is perfect start in to creating life that is full of positive energy. All the exercises are perfect to enrich your life with positive mind and emotions. I'm glad that I took it!

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Zsuzsanna Fajcsak
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As a “change maker” Dr Zsu works on 3 areas:

1. Health/lifestyle

2. Coaching/Inspiration

3. Education via mobile phone

Zsuzsanna has been schooled in Europe …

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