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Smarter Stock Investing and Stock Trading Foundation Course

——   Created by Federico Sellitti, and Steve Cook

With our account we trade the Stock Market! Learn Investing, Day Trading, Fundamental & Technical Analysis, Candlesticks

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11h 03m
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What sets us apart? In our course, as well as showing you how to trade, we use our own money to show you how we invest in the stock market, so you can experience real-life trading before you get started yourself. You can also follow these investments in order to understand why we buy and why we sell when we do.

This is a complete foundation course into the world of stock trading and investing. It is designed for traders and investors of all levels.

You’ll learn the basics, such as what a stock is, how exchanges work and the difference between public and private companies.

We’ll explain the different types of brokers available to you and the key aspects you’ll need to consider before placing your business with one to ensure your money is in safe hands.

We then move on to showing you how to set up an account as well as how to search for stock.

We’ll show you the different types of buy and sell orders you can place and you'll learn about the key players in the stock market and how their actions can affect your investments.

We then move onto the more technical aspects, and together we'll study multiple forms of analysis (Technical, Fundamental and Macroeconomic) and how to apply them to help you identify companies with great investment potential.

You’ll learn how to analyse Charts, Trends and Candlestick Patterns, and how to use Support and Resistance, as well as understanding Volume and other key indicators. We’ll also look at some Technical Indicators including Moving Average and Relative Strength Index. These are all vital elements in helping you understand when it’s the right time to buy, and when it’s the right time to sell.

Then it’s trading time! We’ll be placing live trades in both short term trading and long term investing using all the techniques we'll have taught you in the course. You can then follow these investment portfolios during, and after you’ve completed the course.

You'll be able to download a number of useful documents, such as a Glossary of Terms of the words and phrases commonly used within the trading world + other key resource documents, such as a guide to ratios and formulae, candlestick patterns and more!

Plus, we'll also give you a FREE trading journal so you can track and review your trading successes. We'll also show you how this can become a powerful tool in helping you to improve your success rate in the world of trading and investing.

61 Lessons

Getting Started
3 mins
3 mins
Different Approaches to Stock Trading
9 mins
Share Dealing vs CFDs
4 mins
What is a Stock?
3 mins
Private vs Public Companies
Setting Yourself Up Ready to Trade
3 mins
Stock Exchanges
3 mins
Trading Sessions
6 mins
12 mins
How to Choose Your Broker
14 mins
Setting Up Your Trading Account
It's Trading Time!
8 mins
How to Find Stocks
7 mins
Types of Buy Orders
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Federico Sellitti

My name is Federico Sellitti and I am super-psyched that you are reading this!

Since 2007 I have been an active Forex and Stock trader, …

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