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Start Lucid Dreaming in a few simple and easy steps

——   Created by Fernando Albert

Turn your bed into a portal of adventures and wisdom!

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Learn and practice the foundations of Lucid Dreaming and start enjoying.

I have taught lucid dreaming through workshops and online courses for over 15 years. Although this is a recorded course, you also have the option of personal advice to get even more out of it and learn even more or perfect your technique. I have been lucid dreaming all my life and have done a lot of research and study to compile a complete course. This course is complete; it also has exercises that you will have to complete to improve your technique.

You will begin to have small experiences and even a slight expansion of your consciousness with daily practice. You're going to get fantastic results right from the start. You will see that this is a straightforward course that does not have any complications. It is much easier than you think if you let go of labels, ego, and unnecessary beliefs. You will see that little by little; all this will become part of your life:

  1. Discover the potential you have to take your Dreams to the next level and start lucid dreaming.
  2. Understand the benefits and possibilities of Lucid Dreaming. You will love it!
  3. Learn the foundations you need to achieve physical relaxation, and understand the best times to induce a Lucid Dream.
  4. A little mental order will help you to have a balance and to be able to navigate through your Dreams with more ease.
  5. You will see how to overcome the general potholes that you may encounter. Also, you will realize that this will be a more progressive development.
  6. Understand what things you have to consider, such as when to do a reality check and how to do them.
  7. You will find meditations, exercises, and even a Final Project.

And there are no more complications. I want to share some points that will help you see what this course is like:

  • I explain clearly, and from personal experience, what steps to take to start bringing Lucid Dreaming into your life.
  • There is no theory or step-by-step sections in this course, as I think it is unnecessary. However, you will find many exercises and extra classes.
  • You will have access to meditations to help you go through a different experience and ultimately solidify your progress.

You will understand much more about Lucid Dreaming and its technique in a few hours. However, this is only the beginning. From here, it will be your dedication and work that will give you the expected results.

You will enjoy this course, and I can tell you that you will succeed with an open mind and the desire to receive. You need to understand these simple teachings, let go of unnecessary labels and complications, and open yourself to the light.

The course project

You will work your way to induce a Lucid Dream by any method for the class project. You will have to be able to make the Dream stable and clear enough to challenge yourself. During your Lucid Dreaming Experience, you must complete at least the Intermediate dream challenge and recall your experience. If you desire, you will share your Dream with the other students and compare experiences.

What do you need: 

  • You will induce a Lucid Dream by any means learned in class.
  • Once Lucid, you will recall doing a Lucid Task in your Dream. (You will find them below)
  • To pass this Project, you MUST at least complete an "Advanced Lucid Tasks" from the list below or the assignment video.
  • It would be best to do the Wake Back to Bed technique to increase your chances.
  • Write down the Dream with as much detail as possible in your Dream Journal.
  • Your Lucid Tasks (more at the bottom): 

What is your goal:

Your goal is to accomplish multiple Lucid Tasks. Once you do, you will have proven that you Lucid Dream and bring a waking memory to your Dream World.

You need to be prone to the WBTB technique and keep a solid awareness of performing Reality Checks and questioning your reality.

What do you need to share:

You may choose to keep your notes to yourself, which is understandable. However, it will significantly benefit you to share your class project for practice. You may choose a less personal topic for this. 

You may use written notes or a voice recording.

Feel free to share briefly:

  • How did you manage to get this Lucid Dream, and what was your goal.
  • How did you turn Lucid, and what did you do to make the Dream Stable.
  • What happened in the Dream, share away!
  • How was the awakening? Do you feel you lost information? Share this part too.

Basic Lucid Task:

  • Eat an apple.
  • Attempt to drive a car.
  • Ask a Dream Character to teach you a dreaming skill.

Advanced Lucid Task:

  • Fly.
  • Use telekinesis.
  • Visit the moon.

Expert Lucid Task:

  • Summon a meteorite and make it collide with Earth. Report back.
  • Fly through a wormhole and find an alien civilization. Ask them to teach you something.
  • The Milky Way and Andromeda are about to collide. Describe what happens.

Master Lucid Task:

  • In the Dream, erase everything your eyes can see or teleport to a void of blackness. Then, erase yourself until you become just conscious. This is the Super Lucid State, you are pure awareness, and you are in the proper Here and Now. Congrats!!

Practice makes perfect, and this will aid you in excellent communication! I will be commenting on your work, so I am looking forward to it!

29 Lessons

5 mins
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8 mins
What is Lucid Dreaming? Why is it awesome?
free preview
18 mins
Induce a Lucid Dream - Guided Meditation.
9 mins
Lucid Dreaming is for everybody: What lies beyond fun?
2 mins
Why do you want to Lucid Dream?
Diving deep into the Dream World.
11 mins
The Foundations: Everything you need.
2 mins
Create a Dream Journal.
2 mins
Let's do a hand Reality Check
3 mins
Time to check your surroundings.
10 mins
SUPPORT LESSON: Do's Before Going to Bed.
11 mins
SUPPORT LESSON: Don'ts Before Going to Bed.
11 mins
First steps and deepening in your Lucid Dreaming ability.
1 min
Relax your Mind: Guided Meditation.
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Fernando Albert is a very gifted Psychic Medium and Energy Healer. He speaks English, Spanish, Galician, and Catalan. Fernando believes in constant learning and …

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