Still Life Photography: Using books to inspire setups - The Star Merchant

——   Created by Denise Love

Learn to shoot beautiful photos in a tiny studio space

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More about this course

Using books to create still life setups has become a new passion. I love the thought of illustrating passages with our photography setups. Just like an illustrator adds some drawings though out the book to invoke your imagination, I want to use photos to do the same thing. I want to be so inspired by a passage that I recreate what I saw in my mind when I read it. Or if I am using a less descriptive book - I want to use a time period to create what I think a scene looks like when you read it. It is taking your storytelling skills to a new level and creating a deeper story behind the stories you build with your photos.

In this class we'll cover:

  • I'm going to introduce you to an idea I had for using books as inspiration for the stories we put together.
  • I'll show you the simple props I came up with and the passage in the book that inspired them.
  • We'll talk about the lighting and your camera settings
  • I'll style the setup and talk about a few photos I might end up taking
  • We'll also look at my final photos from this setup and do some editing in Lightroom.

This course is a great class for leveling up your storytelling skills by illustrating a story with your photography setup.

Required Gear: A camera. You can do still life photography with any camera you have. A few props to tell your story, a book or passage that inspired your setup.

The course project

For your class project, I'd like you to shoot a collection of photos of your setup. Post at least 2 photos from the set you came up with. 

Concentrate on getting the best photo out of the camera that you can before you get into editing. Focus on good lighting, exposure, composition, and your styling.

8 Lessons

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Class Project
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Book Inspiration - The Starless Sea
Props I'm Using In This Set
Styling Our Setup
Lighting and Camera Settings
Shoot Recap & Edit In Lightroom
Final Thoughts
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About the instructor

I'm Denise, an artist, and photographer. I'm really passionate about sharing what I have learned with others and creating workshops is what I really enjoy. I started 2 Lil' Owls Studio in 2012 - and that's where I share digital art tools for photography, photography workshops, art workshops, and more. I …

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