Street Photography - The Quiet Moments

——   Created by Luc Kordas

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More about this course

Luc Kordas - a street photographer based in New York, author of the series New York Chronicles, takes you to Manhattan and Coney Island to show you how he works on location. Back in the studio he talks about his beginnings, how he shoots, creating a photo series, approaching people, shooting posed portraits and who he likes to shoot most. At the end of this class you'll have an insider's look into his editing process as well. 

The course project

Street Corner. Being a street photographer involves a lot of movement, but what if instead of chasing people down the street you let them come to you, what if you stood still for 15min? There's no better place to do that in a city than a street corner giving you 270' view.

That's our class project. Pick a street corner in your city, preferably a busy one, and stand there for as long as you can taking the whole environment in, be quiet and easy, observe what comes your way and try to anticipate shots from afar.

7 Lessons

The Beginnings (past work-how I shoot)
Manhattan (the flow - street corner)
Project - Street Corner
Coney Island (approaching people - posed portraits)
Final Thoughts
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About the instructor

Hi! I am a portrait, street and documentary photographer based in New York. My series of black and white street photography - New York Chronicles - comprises photographs I have been shooting in all boroughs of New York City since 2008. 

I am predominantly a candid shooter drawn to quiet …

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