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Style Surge - Develop Your Own Illustration Style

——   Created by Lauren Poole

How to Find Your Art Style

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Welcome to Style Surge! In this class, you'll learn how to develop your own illustration style specifically with regards to developing figurative illustrations and character development using templates.

I see many artists attempt their own illustration style, but they give up after creating just a handful of illustrations. Believe me when I say it takes consistency!

Now, you won't walk away from this class after watching only a few videos and suddenly have your own illustration style. BUT if you implement my proven methodology to creating your own illustration style and you do the work, you will absolutely get there.

In this class, you'll discover how to achieve your pre-requisite research work in order to set yourself up for success. This includes how to:

  • choose a broad style
  • narrow down your focus
  • research inspirations
  • create a moodboard
  • identify your medium
  • create a color palette
  • establish a habitual drawing practice
  • design character templates
  • how to reference your templates
  • drawing your final illustrations

Be sure to follow me on Instagram @LaurenLesleyStudio and watch my free content on my YouTube channel.

Happy designing!


The course project

  • Watch my class, Style Surge.

  • Select a following Style:
  • Fine Art
  • Graphic
  • Dainty / Soft
  • Simplistic
  • Boho / Global / Eclectic
  • Modern
  • Maximalist
  • Whimsical
  • Cartoon / Playful
  • Vibrant / Motion
  • Research your inspiration images and create a moodboard.
  • Examples:

  • Select your medium:
  • Hand-Drawn Ink
  • Watercolor / Gouache
  • Acrylic / Oil Painting
  • Digital Drawing in Photoshop or Procreate
  • Flat, Graphic
  • Soft Brushes / Blending
  • Digital Drawing in Illustrator
  • Graphic
  • Create your character templates:

  • Draw your own OR you can download my PSD file of pre-drawn sketches to create your own templates from.


  • Reference your template and create new illustrations!

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10 Lessons

3 mins
Welcome to style surge!
free preview
4 mins
Lesson 1: Choose your style
free preview
2 mins
Lesson 2: Research your inspirations
3 mins
Lesson 3: Identify your medium
3 mins
Lesson 4: Create a color palette
1 min
Lesson 5: Draw every day
13 mins
Lesson 6: Create character templates
5 mins
Lesson 7: Reference your templates
9 mins
Lesson 8: Start drawing
2 mins
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Lauren Poole
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Hi! I'm Lauren, an artist & designer. I help people get more creative careers in Textile Design.

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