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Swift 5

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The Language of iOS Development

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2h 46m
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Quickly master Swift 5, the language of iPhone and iPad development as you complete engaging activities and build your technical skillset.

Do you want to develop apps for iPhone and iPad, but don't know where to start? Perhaps you've never coded before and need to learn the language fundamentals. Maybe you've got some development experience but are coming to the world of iOS for the first time and need to get up to speed? Swift is the language of iOS development, and this is the course that teaches you the fundamentals of the language.

You'll be prepared to move on to iPhone and iPad Development with Swift 5: The Language of iOS Development. This course, specifically designed for the most current version of Swift, teaches you the Swift language syntax and structure and prepares you to go on to learning to build full apps with a strong foundation. The goal of this course is to avoid elaborate technical explanations and transform you into a competent, confident Swift programmer.

In this course, you'll join master instructor Mark Lassoff as you learn the Swift Programming language from top to bottom. You won't just passively sit by and watch videos, but, instead, you'll work on engaging code activities. In no time at all, you'll be programming in Swift with Swift 5: The Language of iOS development.

29 Lessons

Your First Lines of Swift
3 mins
Preparing Your Coding Environment
6 mins
Entering Swift Code
6 mins
Executing Your First Program
Variables and Data Types
8 mins
Variable Assignment
4 mins
8 mins
Swift Operators
5 mins
String Basics
6 mins
Typed Variabes in Swift
Conditionals in Swift
9 mins
If Statements
5 mins
Complex Conditionals
6 mins
Loops in Swift
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Simple to follow instructions but meaty content. Thanks for making this course!

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