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Team Building: The 10 Secrets to High Performing Teams

——   Created by Paul Scanlon

Create a positive work culture, propel your business and induce creative collaboration within your team.

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Are you still scarred from the trauma of the last time you worked in or organised a team?

Working with or in a group can be complicated and messy, primarily because teamwork doesn't come naturally to us. That's why the most successful businesses are those who have created an art form out of their teams.

Having been a team builder and player for over thirty years, this gold standard course by Paul Scanlon reveals the top ten secrets underpinning the most successful teams in the world.

This course will show team builders and leaders how to create a culture which breeds success, motivation, authenticity and passion, and give insights into the fundamental elements needed to make every relationship work.

Paul's insights will propel your team and business from a realm of static consensus to creative collaboration. Paul will show you how to bring the best out of people by employing strategies, cultivating a supportive community and encouraging resourcefulness.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to solve problems and manage tensions within teams.
  • How to develop a resourceful team.
  • How to move your team forward and conceptualise exceptional business ideas.
  • How to create a healthy and motivational work culture.
  • How to strategise team roles and position people according to their strengths.
  • And much, much more.

11 Lessons

3 mins
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8 mins
Team Building Is A Game Of Chess, Not Checkers
free preview
6 mins
The Difference Between Consensus And Collaboration
4 mins
The Difference Between A Problem To Solve And A Tension To Manage
8 mins
Relationships Are Spacial
8 mins
Beware Erroneous Transfers
6 mins
Be A Public Fan And A Private Critic
8 mins
Use The Three Horse Rule
7 mins
There's No 'I' In Team But There's Five In 'Individual Brilliance'
6 mins
It's About Resourcefulness, Not Resources
5 mins
Reward Value, Not Effort

About the instructor

Paul Scanlon
Paul Scanlon
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Following 30+ years working in the not for profit sector Paul has transitioned into a season of empowering and building people through his signature events, …

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