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Technical analysis

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Professional Cryptocurrency trading 2021

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16h 44m
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Are you tired of losing your money trading Cryptocurrencies?

If your answer is YES, then this course is for you!

This course is NOT for absolute beginners. You need at least basic knowledge about trading with technical analysis!

What are you going to learn in this course?

-The 3 cycles in the Cryptocurrency market (Bitcoin cycle/ Altcoins cycle/ BTC and ALTS cycle)

-3 strategies to identify the current cycle

-How to make the best trading decisions based on what cycle we are currently in

-Strategies and tricks to know when people are getting too greedy or fearful

-How to spot where the losers are

-Trading screeners for finding setups

92 Lessons

16 mins
Deep learning
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Risk Management
4 mins
Intro to the course
free preview
2 mins
Introduction to risk management
4 mins
What is risk management?
19 mins
Why risk management is so important
18 mins
Why you have to manage your risk
12 mins
My risk management system
9 mins
You can't progress in something you don't measure
2 mins
Trading with technical analysis simply explained
30 mins
Candlesticks explained
10 mins
Support and resistance explained
3 mins
Trendlines explained
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About the instructor

Bobby B
Bobby B
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When I entered the trading business I was my own teacher.

Reading books, watching videos on youtube, reading articles and browsing Twitter. I was spending …

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