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Testing React Apps with React Testing Library (RTL)

——   Created by David Armendariz

Learn how to test React components with React Testing Library, the recommended library from Facebook for testing.

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2h 36m
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More about this course

Welcome to testing React components with React Testing Library! In this course, you will learn lots of things. You will learn:

  • The principles of Test Driven Development
  • Know what is React Testing Library (RTL) and its differences with Enzyme (another popular test framework for React)
  • Understand how Create React App (CRA) works.
  • Understand how Jest works with RTL
  • How to test with RTL and query elements with:
  • getBy, queryBy, findBy, getAllBy, queryAllBy, findAllBy
  • How to simulate user interaction with the fireEvent API
  • How to simulate user interaction with the userEvent API
  • Testing components in isolation (unit tests)
  • Learn about coverage and debugging
  • How to mock 3rd party libraries like Axios and mock a GET request
  • Learn about the pitfalls of CRA

You will have all the fundamental tools to test any React component and have that coverage at 100%!

Have fun, and never stop learning!

The course project

In the course project, you will read the following material published by Kent C. Dodds:

In this blog post, you will see common mistakes that people do when using RTL. You will try to find if I made any of the mistakes shown there and fix them! Even if you don't find any, it will be a great learning because you just learned what things you need to avoid when testing your React code.

21 Lessons

10 mins
Introduction to TDD
free preview
5 mins
Introduction to RTL
free preview
9 mins
Create React App behind the scenes
5 mins
Understanding Jest
12 mins
Writing our first test
React Testing Library
13 mins
Rendering a component with RTL
8 mins
Selecting elements with getByText
8 mins
Selecting elements with getByRole
7 mins
queryBy search variant
7 mins
findBy search variant part 1
11 mins
findBy search variant part 2
7 mins
findBy search variant part 3
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About the instructor

David Armendariz

Hi! My name is David Armendáriz. I am from the beautiful country of Ecuador.

I studied mathematics at USFQ (Universidad San Francisco de Quito). However, …

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