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The 10 Essential Qualities of Leadership

——   Created by Paul Scanlon

Master the Art of Self-Aware Leadership & Understand the Psychology Underlying Your Influence

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Contrary to popular belief, leadership isn’t about holding authority or dictating outcomes. Leadership is a complex and selfless act of service which requires skill, human understanding, and self-awareness.

If you are looking for a course which breaks the concept of leadership down to its fundamental, human qualities, this course is for you.

Paul Scanlon has studied leadership and the art of influence for over three decades. He has curated this course according to the gold standards of leadership he has observed, studied and implemented over his life.

In this course, Paul will share with you the essential qualities of highly influential, successful and impactful leaders. Paul’s unique approach takes a look at leadership from an internal, psychological perspective. It covers everything from analysing the psychology underlying particular leadership styles to differentiating between your core competencies as a leader and your authority.

Paul’s course forces you to look deep within yourself as a leader and recognise your strengths, weaknesses and areas of growth, whilst also giving an insight into how you can revolutionise the art of leadership through service to others.

In this course you will learn:

  • How to sculpt your dream career and team.
  • How to create a sustainable, progressive, healthy work culture.
  • How to gain self-clarity and grow authentically as a leader.
  • How to avoid burnout.
  • The difference between your core competency and your authority as a leader.
  • And much, much more.

12 Lessons

2 mins
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2 mins
Leadership Is Influence
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6 mins
Your Job Is To empty Your Cup, Not Fill Theirs
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5 mins
You Are Not The Hats You Wear
7 mins
Be a Sculptor, Not an Artist
8 mins
The Difference Between Your Core Competency And Your Authority
8 mins
The Difference Between Values And Culture
5 mins
The Difference Between Strategy And Tactics
6 mins
Don't Progress Before You're Ready
6 mins
The Next Thing Comes Out Of The Next You
5 mins
Influential Leaders Serve First
4 mins
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About the instructor

Paul Scanlon
Paul Scanlon
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Following 30+ years working in the not for profit sector Paul has transitioned into a season of empowering and building people through his signature events, …

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