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The 8 Basic Strokes of Modern Calligraphy

——   Created by Danielle Rothman

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This is a foundational beginner's class for anyone who wants to learn how to do Modern Calligraphy! The 8 Basic Strokes are the building blocks that make up all letters. In this workshop, you will learn how to form these strokes using brush lettering techniques, as well as how to put them together to create words. In addition to instruction videos for each stroke, I also provide a combined video with narration to help you practice more mindfully. I purposely didn't include music in this video so that you can add your own soundtrack to keep it fresh and interesting! 

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The course project

For your class project, I'd love to see your 8 Basic Strokes practice! Snap a picture or scan your work to share it below. If you'd like to share it on Instagram, please tag me at @rothbyrnscreative and I'd be happy to offer you personalized feedback on your progress!

19 Lessons

2 mins
3 mins
8 Basic Strokes Class Supplies
3 mins
Modern Calligraphy Introduction
2 mins
Writing Tips & Tricks
3 mins
1st Stroke: Downstroke
2 mins
2nd Stroke: Upstroke
3 mins
3rd Stroke: Underturn
3 mins
4th Stroke: Overturn
3 mins
5th Stroke: Compound Curve
5 mins
6th Stroke: Oval
5 mins
Typography Terms & Guidelines
2 mins
7th Stroke: Ascender
2 mins
8th Stroke: Descender
4 mins
8 Basic Strokes Review for Small & Large Brush Pens
13 mins
8 Basic Strokes Practice with Narration
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About the instructor

Danielle  Rothman

I'm a modern calligrapher who builds community through art and workshops! I have a passion for teaching and I've helped almost 2,000 students write beautifully in …

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