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The Art of Doing: Learn the Linux Command Line

——   Created by Michael Eramo

Master the Command Line and Fundamental Skills Needed to Begin Your Journey Into Ethical Hacking

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6h 52m
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Learn the in's and out's of the Linux command line. Don't be fooled into thinking that the only way to interact with your computer is through point and click GUI (graphical user interface) applications. The Linux command line is where the true power of your machine can be unlocked.  Delve beyond the simple commands beginners enter and gain an understanding of what is going on behind the commands. 

In doing so you will begin to master an operation system that is secure, stable, customizable, open-source, and best of all FREE.  

Many students often want to dive right into higher level Kali Linux tools such as Nmap, Metasploit, or Wireshark without gaining a solid understanding of the basics first.  This course will provide foundational knowledge you need to be successful when working with other Linux tools! Not only will I teach you, but you will get opportunities to prove your knowledge at various knowledge checkpoint challenge problems along the way. Watching is great, but doing is even better!

Trust me, I know! I've been teaching Linux to middle and high school students for the past few years. We put a bunch of old PC's running Kali Linux on the same network; the first thing they wanted to do was "hack" into each other! However, we took it slow, started at the beginning learning these fundamental skills, and we saw PROGRESSION. If middle and high school students can learn Linux, so can you!

By the end of this course you will be using the command line to:

  • Monitor the status of your computer
  • Navigate through the directory structure
  • Create and edit files
  • Search through files using powerful commands like grep and awk
  • Change file permissions
  • Create and modify users/groups
  • Install new software
  • Compress and extract files
  • And most importantly, write YOUR OWN SCRIPTS.

All of your command line knowledge will come together at the end of this course when we introduce bash scripting, where you will be writing your own bash scripts and executing them on your machine! When you are done with this course, you'll be able to jump off and do almost anything you want on your machine.

Linux is like a playground; come play!


  • A computer with working internet connection
  • A dedicated Linux machine or virtual machine running any version of Linux (I will use Kali)
  • A desire to learn Linux!

34 Lessons

Virtural Box
4 mins
Installing Virtual Box
12 mins
Installing Kali Linux Virtual Machine
Entering Terminal Commands: Getting To Know Your Computer
9 mins
whoami, uname
11 mins
ifconfig, ip, and ping
13 mins
df, free, ps, top, kill
Nativating the Terminal
13 mins
Changing Directories
15 mins
Important Directories and Looking at What They Contain
12 mins
Editing Files Within a Directory
Making and Manipulating Files
14 mins
Making and Manipulating Files
9 mins
Making and Manipulating Directories
9 mins
Knowledge Check Challenge 1: Terminal Navigation and Manipulating Files
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Michael Eramo
Michael Eramo
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Hello, my name is Michael Eramo. I am a life long learner, a self-taught programmer, and an experienced educator. I hold official Bachelor's degrees in Music, Education, …

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