The Art of Painting Beyond Technique

——   Created by Nancy Reyner

Groundbreaking ideas to refine and inspire your artistic vision.

7h 15m of on-demand video

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  • Nancy Reyner
    Nancy Reyner

    Fine Art Painter, Author, Instructor

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    Course content

    11 mins
    free preview
    37 mins
    Ideas about Painting
    free preview
    24 mins
    What's Your Story
    46 mins
    The Illusion of Space in Painting
    42 mins
    Best Ways to Create Illusion of Space
    23 mins
    Realism vs Abstraction
    40 mins
    Left and Right Brain Sides
    52 mins
    Mastering Eye Choreography
    42 mins
    Expressing Emotion in Painting
    59 mins
    How to Analyze Paintings
    15 mins
    Your Workspace
    45 mins
    Is It Finished?
    7 mins

    What you'll learn

    Learn Nancy’s comprehensive and systematic critique method to improve and enhance your paintings. These contemporary concepts will help you create your fine art paintings quicker, with more ease, and better results. Exceptional self-analysis methods will bring more attention to your paintings and expand your audience. Enjoy watching your paintings progress from good to great. Shrink the learning curve and master painting in record time! This course beats years of art school training.  Realistic or abstract – all painting mediums and styles will benefit. 

    The course uses a proven step-by-step process that teaches you exactly how to: 

    • add new inspiration to your work. 
    • quickly move forward when you get stuck. 
    • make ideal choices to maximize results right from the start with any new painting. 
    • find perfect solutions to resolve any painting issue.  

    No need to change your painting style or subject matter (unless you want to). You don't need to learn to paint like someone else. Instead, this course empowers you to make your own unique paintings. You become a smarter painter. You will learn how to improve your painting's viewing power. Learn to push 2D images into the illusion of 3D with contemporary and classic spatial concepts. Learn to enhance and extend the viewing experience so your art can't be ignored! 

    Achieve exciting images, quickly resolve painting issues and easily move your painting to the next level.