The Basic Guide To Content Repurposing

——   Created by Sorin Amzu

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If you've ever wondered how to get more traffic with an article you've just written, this is the key.

Repurposing your content means turning it into something else, promoting it on additional channels and getting traffic back to your article.

This course will teach you how to:

1. Turn an article into a PDF file (a content upgrade for lead generation)

2. Transform your article into an audio file (which you can also turn into a podcast)

3. Make your article more visual by turning it into an image (meme, infographic, etc.)

4. Get your article ready for its showcase by making a video out of it (free tools mentioned)

5. Turn your article into a video course (more traffic, more subscribers, more income)

While this is a basic guide, it's a great starting point for anyone just writing articles and waiting for traffic to come in.

I'll look for you on the inside!

The course project

Turn one of your existing articles into something else, using the repurposing techniques in this course - and post your result!

5 Lessons

Section 1: Turn your content into a PDF
Learn How To Turn Your Content Into A PDF
Section 2: Turn your content into an audio
Learn How To Turn Your Content Into A Piece Of Audio
Section 3: Turn your content into an image
Learn How To Turn Your Content Into An Image For Sharing
Section 4: Turn your content into a video
Learn How To Turn Your Content Into A Video
Section 5: Turn your content into a course
Learn How To Turn Your Content Into A Course For People To Enroll In
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