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The Beauty of Symmetry in Chinese Calligraphy

——   Created by Wú Chinese Art Workshop

Chinese Calligraphy for beginners with detailed English explanation

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Hello! My name is Becky.

As lessons for Chinese calligraphy beginners, that lessons focus on the basic strokes, while this lesson will focus more on the most important structure in Chinese characters--symmetry.

Symmetry exists everywhere in China, and it’s one of the most important aesthetics and philosophy in Chinese culture. In this course, we’ll learn 33 characters in Master Wú Ràngzhī Xiǎozhuàn calligraphy, including the history, writing tips and calligraphy demo of those characters. Aside from that, in the first section, I’ll give you a brief introduction of the Chinese writing system. Because I think you can learn Chinese calligraphy well only when you can deep understand our writing system.

You’re welcome to join our Chinese calligraphy practicing journey!

30 Lessons

13 mins
Are we writing traditional or simplified characters in Chinese calligraphy?
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17 mins
The beauty of symmetry in Chinese calligraphy
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14 mins
Chinese character 里lǐ in, inside
11 mins
Chinese character 异 yì different
11 mins
Chinese character 不 bù no, not
10 mins
Chinese character 东 dōng east
8 mins
Chinese character 天 tiān sky
8 mins
Chinese character 奇 qí marvel strange
5 mins
Exercise one: 昼 zhòu daytime 夹 jiā press from both side
14 mins
explanation of 昼 zhòu daytime 夹 jiā press from both side
8 mins
Chinese character 飞 fēi fly
8 mins
Chinese character 争 zhēng quarrel
9 mins
Chinese character泉 quán spring
6 mins
Chinese character心 xīn heart
8 mins
Chinese character 色 sè colour
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About the instructor

Wú Chinese Art Workshop

My name is Becky. I've been teaching for 12 years, I would like to share with you more about Chinese calligraphy and painting! Chinese calligraphy …

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