The Blueprint for The Best Day Ever!

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Good thoughts for a Good LIfe through self-correction

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🏆Welcome to The Blueprint To The Best Day Ever!🏆

Affirmation Nation TV is a fresh, new channel packed with hundreds of life-changing affirmations. You can find affirmations on anything, from success and wealth, to emotional healing and self-love. Also on more current and trending topics like ghosting, red-flags, handling fame, social-media addiction and more!

How does it work and who is it for? Well, we all know that thoughts become things, so we always want to think value-based positive thoughts, about anything and everything in our lives, so that they physically manifest into a wonderful, positive life, free from emotional, spiritual and financial blockages, depression, trauma and suffering, and rather gift us an everyday life, vibrating with emotional, spiritual and financial possibility, contentment, satisfaction, joy and abundance, looking at the glass half-full, helping you to live a fuller, happier and successful life.

All on your way to becoming the best version of yourself, living out the life you deserve, and can now have using Affirmation Nation TV.

Just 1 affirmation a day for 21 days consecutively, can and will, change your life forever. Give it a try!

I encourage you to start now and watch, or listen to your chosen affirmation at least once or twice a day, before bedtime, upon waking up, your commute to work, at the office or on your lunch break, your 5km run or even whilst at the gym and repeat as necessary for 21 days or as needed to inspire you and replace old, self-defeating thoughts and feelings you picked up up from negative-parenting or traumatic past experiences beyond your control, that have been honestly, holding you back, with honest, liberating, positive thoughts and feelings, giving you freedom from old mental, emotional, spiritual and financial blocks to your abundance and happiness.

You’ll feel brand new in no time, no thanks necessary.

Start now, select from our wide category of affirmations from A-Z for more money, a better sex-life, overcoming depression, anxiety, quitting smoking, making sense of cancer, overcoming abuse or alcoholism and so much more. I totally recommend getting started with our Abundance Affirmations for an excellent day...Click on the link and I look forward to seeing you inside! Remember to breathe, grow, heal and have fun! On behalf of the Affirmation Nation TV team, I wish you peace and blessings always.

The course project

Pro tip:There is no ceiling for and what you can achieve using self-programming, self-correcting affirmations...

These Positive affirmations for abundance will allow you to raise your awareness to a different and new perspective.

In order for these to work, however, you have to speak them, think them, write them down, on a regular basis. The more you use them, the more aware you will become of your negative thought patterns. The benefits of using affirmations have been proven by science too. You do have to put in a bit of work though and actually use those positive affirmations on a regular basis.

Your assignment is to write down your very own personal affirmations using your internal dialogue and feelings.

  1. What do you want for yourself and those you love as well as for the betterment of the Universe?
  2. Where do you see yourself in the near and far future?

Next is to start reciting them to yourself continuously to alter your frame of mind and reprogram your belief systems.

Pro Tip: They should be value-based and honest, not self-serving and must contribute towards the betterment of not only yourself, but the planet as a whole.


8 Lessons

3 mins
Introduction Video The Blueprint for the best day ever
6 mins
How to get the best benefit from this course
7 mins
The Mind Matrix - Cognitive adjustment
7 mins
Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
1 min
Well done and Keep Going!
6 mins
Breathing Methods Module (to prepare for self-correction)
46 mins
Affirmations For The Best Day Ever - Repeat for 21 days
1 min

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Affirmation Nation TV

ANTV was started by an Online Teacher from South Africa, with years of experience in instructional design and the subject of personal development.

Youshaa Motan …

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