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The complete Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies trading course in 2021

——   Created by Bobby B

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7h 15m
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My name is Bobby B. I am trading full time since 2017 and I have plenty of experience in this field.

In "Cryptocurrency trading: Complete guide to trading Bitcoin/Altcoins" class I am going to teach you how I trade successfully Cryptocurrencies so you can do that too!

You will learn:

-How to use Tradingview

-How to read candlesticks

-How to set up the indicator for the trading strategy

-How to use Binance to trade cryptocurrencies

-Types of orders on Binance

-Criteria for the trading strategy

-Practice with the trading strategy

-How to set stop losses

-Complete Risk Management system

-How to use Trading spreadsheet

-What is margin trading?

-Should you trade BTC or USDT pairs?

-How to margin trade bitcoin and altcoins on Binance

-Fees for Margin trading

You will participate in a class project where you will practice identifying candlesticks.

This class is for beginners.

My requirements to you are to have laptop/pc or smartphone with internet access. 

38 Lessons

16 mins
Deep learning
free preview
Risk Management
4 mins
Intro to the course
free preview
2 mins
Introduction to risk management
4 mins
What is risk management?
19 mins
Why risk management is so important
18 mins
Why you have to manage your risk
12 mins
My risk management system
9 mins
You can't make progress in what you don't measure
2 mins
Cryptocurrency Trading
5 mins
6 mins
Register in trading view
4 mins
Trading view guide
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About the instructor

Bobby B
Bobby B
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When I entered the trading business I was my own teacher.

Reading books, watching videos on youtube, reading articles and browsing Twitter. I was spending …

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