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The Complete Guide to Building a Business Case

——   Created by Lisa Kleiman

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Do you have a great idea that will increase revenue or boost productivity, but not sure how you can get approval to make it happen? A business case can clearly show your idea’s value. Many organizations now also require business case support for project, product, investment, and capital acquisition proposals.

That’s not always easy: Maybe you’re not sure what kind of data your stakeholders will trust or you’re not sure what information is needed, or how to get it and then even present it.

A business case demonstrates why a project is needed and the benefits of the project. The business case is a process to critically examine the opportunities, alternatives, implementation methods, and resources and financial investment to recommend a best course of action that creates business value.

A business case is required for:

  • Demonstrating the value of a proposed product or service
  • Getting necessary approval for the investment.
  • Prioritizing projects within the organization
  • Securing financial funding and resources to implement the project
  • Deciding whether to outsource or complete a project in house.

This course will teach you how to build a strong business case. You’ll learn what information is needed to support your case, including the steps involved in gathering data and also in presenting it to the stakeholders.

12 Lessons

What is a Business Case?
3 mins
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Why a Business Case? What Will I Learn?
4 mins
Why a business case?
free preview
Components of a Business Case
9 mins
Business case components
Steps to Creating a Business Case
7 mins
Step 1: Identify the need
9 mins
Step 2: Determine options that support your case
12 mins
Step 3: Research your case
11 mins
Step 4: Evaluate options
8 mins
Step 5: Select the best option
14 mins
Step 6: Conclude and draft action plan
5 mins
Step 7: Checklist for finalizing your plan
10 mins
Step 8: Present your case for approval
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Lisa Kleiman
Lisa Kleiman
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