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The Complete Web Development 2021: Bootcamp

——   Created by Metla Sudha Sekhar

Become a full-stack Web developer confidently on HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JS, jQuery, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Python more

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Learn The Complete Web Development 2021 Course, The first step to the full-stack web development you need to learn to succeed in core basics of HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap4 on the Server-side PHP with MySQL Database about to API Integration, it is pretty easy to learn and understand our online web development course, This course is designed for you with the complete steps to require to learn real-world dynamic projects. Mr. Sudha Sekhar(Microsoft Certified Professional) will explain to you even complex topics to simplify and teach you even beginners can understand easily with real-world webpage exercises.

Create a Good and Strong base foundation in Web Development, With The Complete Web Development 2021 Course.

you will learn here section-wise





Bootstrap 4





Special features on HTML5 and CSS3


Learn a Web development course using free open-source software packages. This course assumes no prior programming knowledge( basics will help you), just a desire to learn to develop your own Web developer structure for your web application as well.

In this course, we cover from scratch to create your own website like all software application supports with basic instructions, you also learn programming functionalities interacting with the database.

Content and Summary Who wants to start with beginning in Web Development, through this course of 200+ lectures and hours of content, you’ll learn all of the Full-Stack web developer Skills and establish a strong understanding of the concept behind Web development. Every Section closes with a challenge, putting your newly learned skills into practical use immediately and Most of the Lectures are having Assignments to test your knowledge.

Starting with an introduction, what is, how to initiate full-stack web development, basics, and settings, etc.

Learning with these Web Development skills, you will be eager to learn other programming development very quickly that lead you to become a successful Software professional.

If you really want to learn Web Development, This Complete Web development 2021: Bootcamp Course is for you to develop your skills more than others and you will become a strong Full Stack Web Development professional.

The course project

All you will get real-world hands-on mini-projects for individual section-wise

201 Lessons

Getting Started
3 mins
Introduction to Getting Started
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7 mins
Course Curriculum
free preview
5 mins
How to Get Pre Requisites
free preview
3 mins
Getting Started On Windows or Linux
free preview
3 mins
How to ask Great Questions
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2 mins
free preview
6 mins
Introduction to HTML 5
free preview
13 mins
Your First Hello World! Webpage
8 mins
Overview of a Webpage
14 mins
Creating a Full HTML Webpage
8 mins
Header Tags
9 mins
Paragraph Tags
15 mins
Formatting Text
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About the instructor

Metla Sudha Sekhar

Mr. Sudha Sekhar is a Teacher and an IT Specialist. He passionately teaches every real-time step that leads students, as well as professionals, to become …

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