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The Essentials to Build a Startup: from the Idea to Investors

——   Created by Salvatore Vacante

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Honestly, sometimes I spend about 5-7 minutes writing notes to the teachers because I try to keep the notes as organized as possible with enough info and detail that the teachers don't get confused. 

The course project

The goal of this class is to provide you the right mindset and the tools to start with your idea, please use all the lessons to take a note of important things or where you need more information and list them in your project, I will be able to make observations.

14 Lessons

8 mins
Essentials to build a startup Intro
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2 mins
How to Acquire Customers
2 mins
How to Build Your Product
3 mins
Delivery a product
3 mins
2 mins
Marketing With a Startup
2 mins
How To Listen to Customers
2 mins
Type of Customers
2 mins
2 mins
SaaS Software
2 mins
What Means Build a Team
2 mins
What is Success
3 mins
Exit Strategy
1 min
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About the instructor

Salvatore  Vacante

I am a tech-entrepreneur with 15+ years' experience in e-commerce ventures.

My area of expertise covers business, software, marketing, and sales.

I am the founder …

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