The Magic of Acrylics - Acrylic Painting Basics for Beginners

——   Created by Amanda Rinaldi

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If you've always wanted to paint with acrylics but don't even know where to start or have a million questions swirling around like....

  • What brush should I start with?
  • why are my paint lines so splotchy!?
  • How can I make texture with acrylic?
  • What techniques can I do with acrylics?
  • Who am I kidding!? I’m not an artist! No wonder my painting looks like crap! I’m a failure.

...this is the class for you.

See, acrylic painting can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.

In fact, it’s one of the best and most versatile mediums to use for many types of projects. It is both forgiving and dynamic - as long as you know the right tools to use.

  • No years of experience…
  • No artistic talent required…
  • No major investment in art supplies (in fact, I was working on a tight budget while learning!)...
  • No need for dozens of paints or brushes…
  • And No over-complicated process or boring theory….


The Magic of Acrylics: Acrylic Painting Basics for Beginners

Each lesson within this class is broken down into key steps, building from each other to give you a final gorgeous painting at the very end. 

In this class, 

  • I will show you the supplies you’ll need to complete any acrylic painting (including my favorite art supplies I personally love using for all my paintings) - as well as a keen eye to expertly choose the art supplies that are custom tailored to your needs. 
  • You’ll learn specific techniques that’ll get you tickling your canvas faster like how to create gorgeous 3-D textures with paint using very simple tools and proper mixing practices.
  • You’ll learn how to make color your best friend by learning how to mix any color in the rainbow, and how to create amazing depth that practically sucks the viewer into the scene.
  • Most importantly, you’ll learn the key mindset tricks to keep you motivated and wanting to slap some paint around your canvas, and not collect dust deep in the closet.
  • And did I mention you’ll leave with a completed painting at the very end? This class gives you the hands-on, kick-in-the-pants you need to paint with acrylics and love the process.

We’re going to cover a lot of information, but by the end of this class you’ll have the know-how and most importantly the confidence to create gorgeously colorful acrylic paintings. 

Paint Supplies Recommended for this Class*

Simply Simmons brush set

  • 3/4" flat wash
  • #10 filbert
  • #10 shader
  • #0 detail round/liner brush

disposable palette paper

canvas paper 

Arteza premium acrylic paint

Liquitex Heavy body paint

Artist drafting table

Tabletop easel

*Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no extra cost to you, I will make a commission, if you click thru and make a purchase

The course project

For your project, use the following reference to paint along with me and create your own lime painting. Be sure to share your finished piece and use the class hashtag #acrylicmagic and tag me on IG @thebuzzedartist

IMPORTANT: The paintings you create from my class examples are for learning/educational purposes only. Those paintings or ones heavily inspired by my class example cannot be sold or reproduced in any way. All of my work is copyrighted and that is a violation of the copyright. Please stick to painting from my class examples only (not from other work on my website) or work from your own inspiration photos.

16 Lessons

Welcome to The Magic of Acrylics
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What is Acrylic Paint?
General Art Supplies You'll Need
Making your Creative Space
Choosing the Right Brushes
Brush Cleaning: Much Needed TLC
Get the Best Paint with this Strategy
Choosing the Right Colors
Paint Supports: What do you paint on?
Amazing Texture with Palette Knives
Color Magic I: Color Mixing
Color Magic II: Color Value
Color Magic III: Value Sketch Study
Color Magic IV: Monochromatic Value Study
The Artist Mindset: Get in the Right Headspace
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About the instructor

Hi, I'm the Buzzed Artist, but you can call me Amanda!

I am a self-taught pencil and acrylic artist, dedicated to teaching people to art with confidence for over 3 years on my Youtube channel and blog, The Buzzed

On those platforms, I do step-by-step art tutorials, courses, crazy, zany painting …

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