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The Power of "I"

——   Created by Nina Rondon

Write Your Life, Instantly Find Your Voice, and Creatively Express Your Mind

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Do you find yourself in any of these categories? 

  • You like to write.
  • You've tried to keep a journal.
  • Your diary is mainly empty pages.
  • You scribble out the word "I" and your pen seems to suddenly dry up, along with your imagination.
  • You are going through something important in your life and want to write about it.
  • You are struggling and want to find refuge in writing.

If so? 

This class will teach students how to use "I" as a motivator in utilizing their own experiences for creative and personal writing pieces. Not only is writing useful for expressing one's thoughts about other people, places, concepts, and ideas but it's also useful in placing themselves with those people, places, concepts, and ideas. What do I think? How do I feel? Where do I fit here, in this space? This class will help students brainstorm ideas to reflect and see themselves in the world around them and in their experiences. 

In this class:

  • Students will learn how to utilize their own voices in order to create creative pieces using their own personal experiences, interests, hopes, perspectives, and ideas that they are passionate about.
  • Students will brainstorm writing prompts, ideas, and interests in order to catalyst creative writing pieces
  • Students will learn how to utilize the writing resources around them, both on digital interfaces as well as physical writing materials, to influence their creative process and vulnerability.
  • Students will establish writing goals and list writing topics for a series of creative and expressive writing pieces.
  • Students will write a series creative piece in any genre/form they would like (quote, poem, article, list of thoughts, visual, note) that reflects personal experiences, interests, hopes, perspectives, and ideas they feel passionate about.

Writing can be reflective, transformative, and therapeutic if the right questions are asked and ideas are thoroughly expressed!

The course project

In this class project, students will navigate, explore and write about any topic of their interest. The main focus of this project is to influence creativity and expression in order to complete a 5 day series of writing.

This class project consists of three parts:

  1. Making two writing goals based on two questions:
  2. What do I want to write about and why?
  3. Why is writing about this important to me?
  4. Making a list of potential writing points of experiences, ideas, situations, interests, viewpoints that you feel are important to who you are and choosing five of them.
  5. Writing a series of writing pieces in any genre/form they would like (quote, poem, article, list of thoughts, visual (Instagram quote), note) within the span of five days. Each day will be an expression based on thoughts and reflections you have on that day.

Please share your creations and thought processes for your class in the discussion below!

These are a list of possible websites that show examples of expressive writing pieces:

These are some examples of creations that I've made to influence some motivation!

My writing goals for these pieces of creative writing were to motivate and inspire others based on advice I felt I needed someone to tell me. It was important to me to feel as though I had a voice in my own self-progress and freedom.

Class Prezi Presentations: 


Getting to Writing!

6 Lessons

2 mins
free preview
3 mins
Making writing goals: who am I in my writing?
free preview
5 mins
Brainstorming: using the word "I"
1 min
Getting to writing: what to write on and where to share part I
5 mins
Getting to writing: what to write on and where to share part II
3 mins
End thoughts and class project

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Nina Rondon
Nina Rondon

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Hello, I'm Nina. I am all about creative and expressive writing and sharing. I use writing to advocate for mental health and healthy living. I …

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