The power of Positive Thinking through D.R.E.A.M

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    Paul Anderson is the CEO & Founder of Applied Excellence learning and development company. At Applied Excellence, we are committed to inspiring excellence in business, leadership, sales, customer service & personal development. Applying the knowledge learned is the key to creating outstanding practices and achieving the results based off of what fundamental concepts or values you are after. “Excellence comes not from the learning but in your commitment to owning and applying what you have learned” - Paul Anderson


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    7 mins
    Positive Mindset
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    11 mins
    Positive Emotional Resilience
    free preview
    6 mins
    Define your Thinking
    5 mins
    Define your Thinking: Exercise
    6 mins
    Positive Body Language
    free preview
    4 mins
    Realize your Value
    3 mins
    Realize your Value: Exercise
    5 mins
    Energize your Spirit
    free preview
    3 mins
    Energize your Spirit: Exercise
    3 mins
    Accentuate the Positive
    3 mins
    Accentuate the Positive: Exercise
    6 mins
    Discover your Strengths
    4 mins
    Move Yourself Forward
    free preview
    3 mins
    Move Yourself Forward: Exercise
    4 mins
    Positive Character Traits

    What you'll learn

    Hi, my name is Paul Anderson and welcome The power of Positive Thinking through D.R.E.A.M.

    This course has been designed to answer a few questions that many of us ask:

    - What’s stopping me from breaking through an invisible barrier that keeps me from

    achieving the success that I know I can?

    - When will people finally appreciate and acknowledge my true value?

    - How do I identify my true talents?

    - Why do the people around me think I’m crazy to want more than I already have?

    - How do I let go of my negative past?

    - What can I do to find my inner strength?

    - How do I get my compensation aligned with the true value I contribute?

    - What can I do to improve my confidence?

    - Why can’t I sustain the right mental attitude?

    - How do I motivate myself to continuously move forward when things go wrong?

    - Why do I keep giving and not receiving?

    - What should I focus on in order manage my emotions and reduce my stress?

    - How do I deal with negative people?

    - Why do some people quickly achieve their goals and others are always striving for


    - What can immediately double my energy level and have the stamina to sustain it?

    - How do I become emotionally and mentally resilient?

    - What’s stopping me from taking action?

    You’ll receive answers to all these questions, and more!

    If you apply what I'm about to share with you, you will absolutely place yourself in a mindset that gives you the ability to keep progressing forward, regardless of what's happening, because remember, it's not about what's happening now, it’s about how you're responding to what's happening now, and your ability to respond positively and focus on the positive is going to get you through any situation. It doesn't matter. That's what life success is all about. It's about your resilience. The proven framework within this course has helped over 10,000 people and you are about to join them on your life journey to become an even better version of who you are today, tomorrow!

    Let me be your life guide by walking with you on your journey to achieve the success that both you and I know are waiting for you. The principles and framework are simple to implement but have proven to be incredibly effective in evolving the small changes that make the biggest difference in achieving the personal and professional growth that lead to not just the feeling of being “whole” but the financial success that leads to life independence too.

    We’ll share the move forward action steps that will enable you to immediately make a difference in your life so you are able and move yourself forward to achieve the goals that you want to achieve, but more importantly, the world that you know is there for you.