The truth about eCommerce - Master Class

——   Created by Salvatore Vacante

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Deep dive into e-commerce by starting from fundamentals like founder market fit, product, marketing activities, platform, legal and more.

The class is part of a global network, you can check out here: The Truth about eCommerce Network

The course project

The idea is to create a master class with exclusive content from my workshops, this is the only opportunity to have all topics in one place.

I do not support businesses where the model is to resell things from others, this class is to help you build a brand, start the online business and focus on your uniqueness.

The financial crisis had an enormous impact on our lives and blasted entire countries, and no one warned us, so imagine someone told you the truth and offered you a chance to be prepared.

The retail industry in the US is collapsing, and the consumer's behaviors have changed dramatically during these years, online entrepreneurs need to be well-prepared.

One of the most promising markets is online, and companies are looking to use eCommerce as a revenue channel, but they fail in most cases because they are not aware of the truth.

The founder of Shoppi is here to bring a new and fresh point of view about eCommerce.

The workshop:

  1. Introducing the tour "The Truth about eCommerce.".
  2. Why a "Master Class".
  3. How to master networking and build your connections.
  4. Expanding in the US/EU and beyond.
  5. Stop selling online, start communicating with your customer.
  6. Start with a "why" and build your online identity.
  7. The future of the retail industry and how to save your business.

Comment here with your project by including the name and your challenges.

8 Lessons

Why a Master Class
How To Master Networking and Build Your Connections
Expanding in the EU:US and beyond
Expanding in the EU
Start With a “Why” and Build Your Online Identity
Stop Selling Online, Start Communicating With Your Customer
The Future of the Retail Industry and How To Save Your Business
How To Apply to Shoppiventures
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About the instructor

I am a tech-entrepreneur with 15+ years' experience in e-commerce ventures.

My area of expertise covers business, software, marketing, and sales.

I am the founder of Shoppi, a company that offers a personalized shopping experience.

I have participated in several eCommerce projects during my career, and I have acquired a …

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