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The Ultimate Anime and Manga Course from SCRATCH to ADVANCE

——   Created by Manar Mouafak Ali

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6h 59m
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Welcome to The Ultimate Anime and Manga Course from SCRATCH to ADVANCE .. In this course, we will learn to draw anime from z to top .. in a simple way suitable for beginners ..

We will start with the course by learning the basics of drawing the face and the head ... in all head forms, situations and multiple destinations, no matter how you are a beginner.

Then we will move directly to the way of drawing eyes .. girls ’eyes or boys’ eyes .. with all the available shapes and the most famous ones.

Then we will take an integrated lesson on drawing the nose in its many forms .. As for the mouth .. then we will have two complementary lessons about him and his various forms and movements .. whether they are normal or difficult shapes ..

Then, we will take many lessons to draw the hair of girls or boys ... in many shapes and models, so that it avoids any other reference.

As for the body ... we will start with the rule of drawing the body for all ages .. girls or boys .. After the rule we will together learn the method of drawing the body easily .. I name it personally .. the rule of the three lines .. to draw using any body movement no matter how difficult .. and quite easily ..

As for the hands and feet ... they will also have their own base, which will make drawing hands and feet easy in a way we had never imagined its simplicity.

The course will also include a full Chapter on the way to draw clothes and shoes ... and draw drapes on clothes .. and correct common mistakes in drawing clothes ...

And at the end of the course, we will draw with it random full anime pictures ... girls and boys ... and men with distinctive features ... using the rules that we studied in the course itself ..

The amount of passion and effort that I put in this course is huge... just to be in the best possible way for you ... and for the sake of your benefit in the greatest way

I hope you benefit from this course .. And please enjoy following it .. This was my first goal of its establishment ..

41 Lessons

4 mins
Tools Used In The Course
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3 mins
Face Drawing Basics
free preview
11 mins
Face Movements Directions
8 mins
Basics of Drawing the Side of the Face
5 mins
Determine the general shape of the head
8 mins
Basics of Drawing Anime Eyes
12 mins
Eyes Shapes
8 mins
The Difference Between a Girl’s Eye and a Boy’s Eye
10 mins
Draw the Eyes Exactly Symmetrical
9 mins
Nose Shapes
12 mins
Regular Mouth Shapes
12 mins
Mouth Shapes With Difficult Movements
13 mins
girl's hair Drawing 1
12 mins
girl's hair Drawing 2
11 mins
girl's hair Drawing 3
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Manar Mouafak Ali
Manar Mouafak Ali
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I am Manar Mouafak Ali, a U.S certified professional Instructor from the International Academy of Arts and media IAAMC

Owner of "Manar The Artist" on …

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