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The Ultimate Guitar Tone School Course

——   Created by David Wills

How to get any guitar tone from your rig and model your favorite Guitar Hero

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4h 57m
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The Ultimate Guitar Tone School is a complete Encyclopedia of Guitar Tone designed to give you a ticket to an experience that is difficult if not impossible to get anywhere else.

A single place to hear each and every part of your guitar tone signal chain broken down into their individual elements so that you can emulate any tone you wish.

An online library of video modules that take you on a tour of the decades of guitar masters and how tones have been built by Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Brian May, Keith Richards and Eddie Van Halen.

Learn EXACTLY how Guitar Tone is made. How Pickup Placement, Valve Choices, Effects Order and a myriad of other parts of your signal chain create the Guitar Tone that you crave. With HD Graphics and Animation to show you what's happening inside your signal'll never be left guessing at how to create the epic tone that's in your head.

  1. INTRODUCTION Breakdown of course subjects History of the Electric Guitar Variables in Signal Chain
  2. WHAT IS TONE? What is Sound? Understanding Standing Waves & Harmonics Nodes and Antinodes Harmonic Content on Guitar String Harmonics produced by Distortion Understanding Modulation
  3. GUITARS Main Guitar Types Pickup Demonstrations (all positions) - Fender Stratocaster - Fender Telecaster - Epiphone Les Paul - Epiphone 335 Dot - 1967 Gretsch with FilterTrons - 1961 Fender Jazzmaster - 2007 Duesenberg Starplayer TV - 1969 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop with Lollar Imperials Guitar Controls Guitar Woods Necks Scale Length Pickup Placement MIDI Pickups
  4. AMPS Overview DIY "Lamington" Tube Amp How do Tube Amps work? Tone Stacks Reading Schematics Building the "Lamington" Tube Amp Gain Staging - Fenders - Marshalls - Hi Gain Amp Effects Loops Amp Switching
  5. SPEAKERS / MICS Overview Specifications Series / Parallel Impedance Matching Miking up Amps Microphone Positions and Blending
  6. EFFECTS Overview Gain (Overdrive, Distortion & Fuzz) Dynamics (Compressors & Noise Gates) Flangers Phasers Chorus Tremolo / Vibrato Rotary Speaker Emulators Ring Modulators Wah-wah EQs Pitch Shifters Delays (Slapback, Rockabilly, Ping-pong, Patterned) Reverb Loopers Effect Order Buffers
  7. RIGS Overview Pedalboard Design True Bypass Loopers Effect Loops 4-Wire Setup Wet-Dry Rigs Wet-Dry-Wet Rigs
  8. ICONIC TONES Fender Era - Chuck Berry - BB King - Keith Richards - Stevie Ray Vaughan - Brian Setzer - Brent Mason Marshall Era - Jimmy Hendrix - Eric Clapton - Jimmy Page - Joe Perry - Billy Gibbons - Slash High-Gain Era - Eddie Van Halen - Randy Rhoades - Zakk Wylde - Eric Johnson Vox Era - Gretsch / Vox Combo - Duesenberg / Vox Combo - Brian May

11 Lessons

15 mins
free preview
17 mins
What is Tone?
34 mins
Main Guitar Types
41 mins
10 mins
Speakers and Mics
45 mins
Effects (part 1)
44 mins
Effects (part 2)
31 mins
Effects (part 3)
15 mins
49 mins
Iconic Tones
3 mins

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David Wills
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David Wills whose credits includes Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins, Diana Ross, Chicago and many others is the host and developer of over 60 …

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