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The Ultimate Introduction to Adobe Photoshop From 0 to Intermediate

——   Created by Adam Chraibi

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7h 22m
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The Ultimate Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CC

Hi my name is Adam Chraibi, I’m a Professional graphic designer and animator.

In this course you will master Adobe Photoshop, the number one tool in the world for image processing and digital retouching from scratch through a series of practical and easy to digest lessons!

In this class you will:

  • Acquire the knowledge of Adobe Photoshop's interface and its main tools;
  • Learn the basics of image size, resolution, and transformations;
  • Become competent in retouching tools to reconstruct, clean up and improve images;
  • Master the brush tool (create your own set of brushes and export them);
  • Gain an understanding of how properly apply adjustment layers (Light, shadows and color).

The topics that we will cover in this class are everything you need as a beginner to discover the magical world of Photoshop and the limitless possibilities that this software allows you to achieve.

So Who is it for?

Anyone interested in getting started with Adobe Photoshop.

Technical requirements:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • A graphic tablet is recommended, although it's not essential.
  • Laptop or desktop that can run both.

See you Inside you won't regret enrolling in this course. 

The course project

Download course files from here

Alright guys this course has 5 projects that you need to complete. In case you stuck with something make sure to ask questions If I don't answer maybe someone else will.

Class Project: Selection and Mask

  • Open the image and Select the sky with magic wind
  • Refine the selection in the mask
  • Add the sky
  • Match color automatically
  • Make selection with the ellipse marquee tool and resize it

Class Project: Creative Transformation

  • Open the Images
  • Make selection accordingly
  • Put everything together
  • Use the puppet warp tool and distortion
  • Match Colors
  • Apply Oil Paint Filter

Class project: Retouching

  • Open picture
  • Retouch with spot healing brush on new layer
  • Merge layers using shortcut (CTRL+SHIT+ALT+E)
  • Dodge and Burn.

Class Project: Add depth

  • Select Brush with strong hardness
  • Lock pixels
  • Sample color
  • Make it darker and more saturated
  • Add shadows
  • Sample color again make it lighter almost white
  • Add highlights.


Class Project: Work with adjustment layers 

  • Make the selection using the selection tool of your choice.
  • Add item selected to the other document
  • Position it
  • Add multiple adjustment layers to match the colors just with your eyes.
  • Add new layers to add shadows using the brush
  • Don’t forget to clip everything and adjust transparency

Save and share with me here or in the Facebook group so I can see your work.

53 Lessons

10 mins
The User Interface
free preview
5 mins
Navigating The Image in Photoshop
5 mins
Managing Documents Create New and Save files
8 mins
Different Ways to Save a Document
7 mins
The Move Tool in Photoshop
9 mins
Layers Are Everything in Photoshop
14 mins
Simple and Easy Selection Tools in Photoshop (Lasso tool and Shape marquee tools)
7 mins
Explaining Advanced Selection Tools
12 mins
Using Advanced Selection Tools
9 mins
Using More Than One Selection Tool
10 mins
Working With Masks In Photoshop
4 mins
One Click Sky Replacement in Photoshop CC 2021
6 mins
Class Project: Recreate A Composition Using The Selection Tools And Masking
7 mins
Understanding Resolution
7 mins
Upscaling And Downscaling In Photoshop The Resolution Of An Image
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Adam Chraibi
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Hello, I'm Adam Chraibi professional graphic designer and video editor based in Casablanca, Morocco with more than 5 years experience in freelance work.

I went …

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