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The Ultimate Law of Attraction Guide

——   Created by Marc Wynn

Based on Marc Wynn's proven method of Law of Attraction, contains THE BIG SECRET to attracting everything you desire

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******************This course is based on proven methods*************************

***marc has solved all his money, health, relationship and depression issues ***


              [this is the BIG SECRET that no one seems to know about]

Around 95% of people fail with the Law of Attraction because it is taught by people with no tangible track record. This course is going to set the record straight and give everyone the opportunity to be hugely successful with the Law of Attraction. 

Everything in the course is based on the successful track record of marc wynn, who in 2015 hit rock bottom. marc thought he was a Law of Attraction expert but he was getting more and more into debt and everything was going wrong.

Marc was

  • $36,878 in debt
  • 3 months behind with the mortgage, credit cards and energy bills
  • had 14 operations to a throat condition
  • his marriage of 16 years had collapsed
  • he was depressed too

So he decided to find out where he was going wrong with the Law of Attraction.

marc has been hugely successful repaying all his debts, buy a classic 1985 racing mini, solving his health problems and now leads an exciting vibrant life in a great relationship. All of marc's knowledge is in this course, which includes :

  • 3 areas where people BLOCK ATTRACTION
  • 6 rules that you have to follow to be success with LAW of ATTRACTION
  • 3 stages of ATTRACTION

       Stage 1 : ASK - but people ask for the wrong things and get poorer, more lonely or more depressed.

                              ***You will find out what to ask for***

       Stage 2 : GIVEN - every thing you ask for is given, but where is it?

                 ***You will find out where your stuff is stored before it comes into your life***

       Stage 3 : ALLOW - this is where everyone goes wrong and 95% of people fail with Law of Attraction

             ***You will learn exactly how to ALLOW what you want to come into your life***


The Universe has one condition that you MUST MEET for the Law of Attraction to work. You will discover what this is, how powerful it is and how it will TOTALLY TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE.


"I have put my life's work into this course. Everything I know about the Law of Attraction is in this course SO THAT YOU CAN BE SUCCESSFUL.

However, in life there has to be an exchange or it creates an energy imbalance. If you receive something for free, you should offer something back to maintain the energy balance. Therefore, all I ask is that if you like the course, please leave a review. If like like the course but leave no review, it creates an imbalance in your life and people will then fail to recognise the kind things you do. That's just how life works, everything is energy and it is important to maintain the flow.

As a VIP student you can also join my Manifestation COACHING Group, where you will receive free weekly coaching to make your life better and better.

Hope you enjoy the course and become super successful at attracting everything that you desire.

'Stay excited.' "


23 Lessons

3 mins
Where People Go Wrong With Law of Attraction
4 mins
Listen to People With No Idea of the Law of Attraction
6 mins
People Think They Know, but They Have No Idea
6 mins
No Belief
3 mins
Block it
4 mins
Ask for Big Things
5 mins
Want Money
4 mins
People Focus on Lack
4 mins
Having an Attachment
4 mins
People Live in FEAR
3 mins
Fail to appreciate what they have
Why was the Law of Attraction Introduced
7 mins
Why was the Law of Attraction Introduced
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Marc Wynn
Marc Wynn
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For 22 years I have been studying life, energy, spirit, healing, Law of Attraction to understand why I am here, how the spiritual world works …

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