The Ultimate Solo Guitar Mastery Crash Course

——   Created by Fathi Ghabbash

Solo Guitar Practices, Guitar History & Music Theory

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1h 33m
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More about this course

This course will teach you how to play solo guitar fast and easily.

In this course, I will introduce you to the basic principles of guitar from guitar parts and their nomenclature to strings and guitar tuning besides the speed and flexibility in the movement of the hands and fingers, music theory, the solo guitar basics, and lots more.

Learn all the basics of guitar skills you need to play a beautiful piece of solo music and impress your friends in an easy and flexible course. This course will explain to you step by step how to simply start playing guitar and accomplish its overwhelming techniques quickly, easily and get remarkable progress in a short period of time!

This course will teach you how to play solo on guitar professionally. With many short and brief fingers practices and by using all right positions of both hands and fingers on the guitar you will reach that point. Step by step beginning with easy practices and ending with playing solo, in good structure, going up and down of strings, with a low speed at the first to a high speed at the end, we will move forward with logic.

Speed, Flexibility, Strength, and a perfect ability of stretching are our elegant elements in our short journey with this course.

At the end of this course, you will be able to play solo on guitar, taking into consideration the next points:

1- Fingers needed to play smoothly with each practice or exercise, that means how to play the right note with its right melody, also you can find all assignments at the end of each pdf.

2. Download and read each pdf with its number with the same number of the lecture.

3. At the end of each pdf, try to do its exercise from the slower tempo to the highest.

4. Using a metronome app with exercises will be better to learn time and tempo perfectly.


- A simple guitar

- A metronome app/tool 

- A footstool (optional)

- computer / tablet / mobile + internet Connection

- Motivation and love for music

The course project

Throughout this course; we have learned all the steps and processes of how to play a solo from F note to E note on E string, like this:

The fingers used here are 1,2,3 (first hand) and for the second hand we play i.m,

Your project for this course is:

1- Play a solo from F note to E note on E string without a tempo.

2- Play the same solo with a tempo 60 on Metronome.

3- Record and upload your video or audio to your course assignment.


A- We put our fingers on the E-down string and play finger number 1 on the note which is F, finger number 2 on the second note which is F# then finger No. 3 on note No. 3 which is represented by the note G.

B- We pull our hand down a little and start over, the first finger on F#, the second on G note, and the third on G#.

C- The first finger is on G, the second is on G#, the third is on A, and so on until we get to note number 12 which is an E note.

19 Lessons

Picado - i.m guitar technique
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1,2,3 guitar technique
1,2,3,4 guitar technique
Stretching on guitar frets I
Stretching on guitar frets II
Stretching on guitar frets III
free preview
Flexibility guitar technique I
Flexibility guitar technique II
Hammer ons and pull offs
Solo I - Blues
Guitar History (optional)
The main types of guitar (optional)
Guitar Components - Frets - Capo
The compendium of music theory - Staff and Clefs
The compendium of music theory - Alphabet, Note value, Ledger lines, Grand Staff
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