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The ULTIMATE Time Management & Productivity Course

——   Created by The IPS Project, and Jellis Vaes

A master course for the entrepreneurs, freelancers, digital nomads, etc. who want to become truly productive.

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"WOW!!! This is probably, no doubt, one of THE BEST courses Jellis Vaes has ever done! He made a lot of sense about how to be productive and how to get started on the goals you want to accomplish! This really helped me in a lot of ways and I can't wait to get productive and start my goals in life! Thank you Jellis Vaes for such a energizing and wonderful course! This was an awesome one and hope you make more like it!" - Jane Courtois

"The course is interesting. I was aware of only some of the techniques, software and guidelines, so I am now that more closer to being more productive :) " - Yuriy Protsiuk 

"I highly recommend this course. The material is presented in a concise fashion, and the instructor is a great & fun teacher. I love the practical nature of all the tips. You can implement them right away, and with some small changes in habits, you can completely change the way you work. I have implemented the tips and have really improved my productivity and feel so much more on top of my work now."  - Filip VH

"This is a very engaging course, especially if you like to take notes. One of the highest quality courses I've taken thus far. It touches on very real things that I was not aware of, while offering solutions to each problem." - Daniel Hensley


Are you looking to become EXTREMELY PRODUCTIVE?

Great. Then let me welcome you to the course: The ULTIMATE Time Management & Productivity Course

This is the course where you will not only learn about the killers of productivity and what to do to avoid or get rid of them, you will also learn the most fundamental productivity tools and techniques, as well as a system to put it all to use — namely, The Action Plan.  

The system of The Action Plan is designed to keep you disciplined, motivated, and to give you a clear map towards achieving your vision and your goals.  

This system that you are about to learn — mainly directed at entrepreneurs, freelancers, those who are self-employed, or anyone else working on big projects and goals — is one that I have designed and formed out of various systems from other highly successful businesspeople.  

What makes this course different from so many other courses on productivity is the fact that it is less focused on the theoretical and more on the practical side. Yes, indeed, this is a course that you can actually do something with.  

Meaning that, by the end of this course, you will know the tools, techniques, and the system that you can start using immediately to become extremely productive and to be able to start achieving your goals, projects, dreams, and the life you are trying to build.  

With that, let me not waste any more words here. Let us begin. The course itself will speak loudly and clearly enough of its own value.

Note: The Action Plan is a highly efficient system to help you along the process of achieving your goals and dreams. Obviously, though, you still have to sit down and do the work yourself. It can’t do that for you. Nothing can. Only you.  

Throughout the course, be sure to take notes so you can more easily review everything you have learned.

Have fun becoming a productivity master,

Jellis V

The course project

Get your system of The Action Plan in place. Post a photo of it here to show and inspire your fellow classmates! I am likewise super curious to see it myself!

37 Lessons

4 mins
The Ultimate Productivity Course - Get Things Done
Learn What is Killing Your Productivity and How to Fix It
2 mins
The Top Killer's That Ruin People's Productivity
8 mins
Being Aware of Your Own Time
3 mins
How Fear Stops your from Acting
1 min
Waiting for Things to be Perfect
3 mins
Relying on Motivation and Inspiration
3 mins
What is Dead Time and How to Use it Wisely
3 mins
Being Overwhelmed - Overworking
3 mins
How Distractions are Killing Your Focus
5 mins
How Distractions Can Be Addictive
2 mins
Be Smart - Final Words on the Killers of Productivity
Learn the Top 8 Productivity Techniques to Help You Achieve More
2 mins
Productivity Techniques
6 mins
The Pomodoro Technique
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