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Thermodynamics - Mechanical Engineering

——   Created by J Aatish Rao

Learn about laws of thermodynamics, enthalpy, entropy, heat transfer, SFEE, heat exchanger and many more

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During my college times. I often found my classmates having trouble with Thermodynamics. Many of them even had backlogs when they have cleared other tough subjects like Dynamics Of Machine, Machine Design etc;. However this subject always amused me. The vastness of this subject is what makes it tough in the first place.

What is the importance of thermodynamics in our daily lives?

Heating and cooling systems in our homes and other buildings, engines that power our motor vehicles, even the design of buildings and vehicles, all incorporate information from thermodynamics to make them perform well.

What do we learn from thermodynamics?

Thermodynamics is a part of physics that involves work, heat and temperature that are related to energy, chemical reactions and physical properties of matter. Thermodynamics also deals in studying systems and how they change according to their environment such systems are turbines, engines, nozzles and reactions in closed and open reaction systems.

What is the importance of thermodynamics in engineering?

Thermodynamics is a branch of physics dealing with matter and conversion of energy, conversion of energy into heat and work in particular. Each object of interest in engineering contains matter, therefore, thermodynamics is usually included or indirectly involved in the analysis of almost all engineering problems.

My effort in this course is to simplify the topics in the most suitable way possible. I have divided the topics in very small small bites because I think to eat the whole thing would lead to indigestion :) ENROLL NOW !!

"Nothing in life is certain except death, taxes and the second law of thermodynamics."

37 Lessons

6 mins
Thermodynamic System
free preview
10 mins
Thermodynamic Processes
7 mins
Laws of thermodynamics
Heat & Work
8 mins
Work transfer
free preview
4 mins
Sign convention of work
4 mins
Work as a path function
11 mins
PdV work for various reversible processes
4 mins
Polytropic index n
13 mins
Heat transfer
9 mins
Work transfer apart from PdV work
I Law of Thermodynamics
11 mins
Fundamentals of I Law
4 mins
Energy as system property
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