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Top Tips for Selling at Art & Craft Shows

——   Created by Stine Wiemann

Preparing a Show, Presenting yourself at a Show & Mastering the Aftermath

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Arts and Craft Shows have become a fundamental part of business for small labels, artists and craftsmen to gain customers, wholesale business partners and create income.

Being successful on these shows may make the crucial difference for your label and can get you on the next level of success and recognition.

In this Class I will share more than 8 years of experience with you and walk you through the whole process of preparing a Show, "surviving" it successfully and mastering the aftermath of a show. This class is for beginners who would like to get a quick overview - but even if you have experience with craft fairs there may be some tips, tricks and resources for you to explore.

Part I: Preparing a Show

In this first Part I will share tips on how to find a show, which products to bring, how to pack them, what to consider for writing your ToDo and ToPack lists and other crucial things you should not forget.

Included in this Class are a pdf file with several links to Craft Fair information websites, an example of To Do and To Pack lists and a blank pdf form Template to develop your very own Lists.

Part II: Presenting yourself and your products at a Craft Show

In this second Part I will talk about how to present your products so that they are most appealing to customers, how to interact with potential buyers and how to stay motivated and happy during a (sometimes exhausting) show.

I will cover these points in detail:

  • How to create a cohesively looking stand
  • How to present your products successfully and appealing
  • How to make a good first impression
  • How to find the balance between being friendly and approachable without being pushy
  • How to overcome Shyness in front of customers
  • How to consider safety Issues on shows
  • How to stay motivated and happy during a show
  • How to deal with slow sales and/or overwhelming success

Part III: The Aftermath of a Show

In this last class of three I will walk you through the aftermath of a show. I talk about how I manage my bookkeeping, how I usually assess my sales, how to implement necessary changes and other crucial things you should not forget.

Included in this class is a blank pdf form template to include your revenue and expenses so that you get your numbers right.

After this Class you will come full circle and are well equipped for your first (or next) Craft Show.

The course project

Part I:

This Class will help you to write your own ToDo and ToPack lists based on my Template.

I designed it as a pdf Form that you can fill out and modify specifically to your needs. You can also print it out and use it for your next craft show.

Is there anything that's missing on my chart?

What are the needs of your specific field (e.g. fashion, food, jewelery, cosmetics etc.)?

Let us know and share your thoughts as a comment or simply upload your completed Lists!

I would love this Class and its comment section to become a resource of contacts and information for new and experienced Craft Show sellers that you can come back to anytime you need.

Part II:

Show us your Booth or Market Stand! It doesn't have to be your finishes presentation on a craft show - a test run is just as fine and I will be glad to assist you with any hickups or problems or admire your lovely display.

Part III:

Write your very own Sales list and get your finances straight - included is a pdf form for you to fill out and/or modify after a show. How much did you earn? What are your expenses? Find out with this form and file it in your accounting documents.

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Intro Part I: Preparing a Craft Show
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Stock up
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4 mins
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Test run
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Outro Part I: Preparing a Craft Show
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Intro Part II: Presenting yourself at a Craft Show
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3 mins
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Tell them who you are
8 mins
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11 mins
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Stine Wiemann
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