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Trigonometry for Electrical Engineering

——   Created by Graham Van Brunt

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5h 04m
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This course takes you from the fundamentals of trigonometry to the more sophisticated required in electrical engineering. As you work and study in electrical engineering you are going to run int proofs and equations that are based on trigonometry. Over my engineering experience, I have noted and gathered what I believe are the most significant.

12 Lessons

9 mins
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13 mins
Point lines & angles
12 mins
Intersecting & parallel lines triangles
22 mins
10 mins
The pythagorean theorem
14 mins
Unique triangles & ratios
34 mins
Trig functions & tangents
81 mins
The unit circle
43 mins
Trig identities (part 1)
23 mins
Trig identities (part 2)
32 mins
Double & half angle formulas
17 mins
Trig functions in the time domain

About the instructor

Graham  Van Brunt

An entire career in the power sector of engineering, Graham graduated from Queen's University coupled with subsequent studies with Wilfred Laurier University to travel the …

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