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UI/UXux 4 AnyBody

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User interface design(UI) and user experience design(UX) is a very crucial part in determining the final output of software, applications, or process. User interface design and user experience design(UI/UX) has lots of benefits since they have a greater impact in influencing how users might use or uninstall an app or the retention rate of an app or software and the likes.

Welcome to this course future designers, in this course, we will be learning to design Interfaces using Figma as the primary design tool. You'll be introduced to some useful resources/ links to help you thrive in an ever-changing world. Figma makes it fun and easier to get your designs up to speed with positive outcomes especially when you use a creative approach to doing what you love doing best.

 In this lesson, you'll learn to use shapes(components) and tools to create stunning user interfaces. Some fundamental design principles would be taught and demonstrated in the course.

The main course projects include the several steps to learning to build or design a login user interface of an app

And the course includes a bonus section of four recorded googles meet sessions with students who joined to learn to build/ design some User interfaces USING Figma.

The course is for anybody who would like to get started with User interface design.

The course is taught by Jacqueline Asare Dartey a UI/UX expert in using Figma and Adobe XD.

23 Lessons

1 min
Welcome Message
Evolution of Design
6 mins
Evolution of Design By Thea of Uizard
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Designing An App Interface Using Figma
12 mins
Designing a An App Interface 1
13 mins
Designing a An App Interface 2
4 mins
Designing a An App Interface 3
free preview
4 mins
Designing a An App Interface 4
12 mins
Designing a An App Interface 5
11 mins
Designing a An App Interface 6
free preview
Designing The Login & Start page of An App
24 mins
Designing The UI of A Start Screen-1
free preview
25 mins
Designing The UI of Start A Screen-2
free preview
18 mins
Designing The UI of a Login Screen-1
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