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Ukelele Masterclass

——   Created by Daniel Heslop

Strumming Patterns: For Beginner to Advanced Ukulele Players

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1h 22m
Lesson time
Skill levels

More about this course

  • Lessons include learning chords, 12 songs, and over 50 strumming patterns. 
  • Students will learn how to read and write strum patterns.
  • Class is geared toward anyone who is new to the ukulele or is well practiced and just wants more strumming techniques and patterns. No prior knowledge is needed    

The course project

Each member of the class will share a photo or video of a strum pattern that they have made up or liked. If you choose a video you may perform over one or more chords.

25 Lessons

4 mins
Strings, tuning, and first chord
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3 mins
Measures 1-6
free preview
4 mins
Measure 7-8 & Leaving on a jet plane
2 mins
Measure 9-12 & metronome
3 mins
Measure 17-18 & Scarborough fair
4 mins
Measure 21-26 quarter rest
4 mins
Measure 37-42 eighth rest
5 mins
Measure 43-26 chucking
3 mins
Measure 47-54
4 mins
Measure 55-62 Tied notes
5 mins
Measure 63-64 Stand by me
2 mins
Measure 65-68
3 mins
Measure 69 & Old dan tucker
3 mins
Measure 71-74 & Jamaica farewell
4 mins
Measure 75-78 & Stand by me: advanced
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About the instructor

Daniel  Heslop
Daniel Heslop
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Danny Heslop has been performing, teaching and studying music for over 10 years. His genre's have included funk, bluegrass, jazz, rock, and folk.

His passion for …

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