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Ultimate Live Sound School (1st Edition)

——   Created by David Wills

Top of the line training for the Live Sound from a veteran who has worked with Michael Jackson & Whitney Houston

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4h 40m
Lesson time
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More about this course

Hosted by David Wills (Sound Guru with Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins), this is the one-stop training on Live Sound that you've been looking for. If you have problems understanding how to get Excellent, Consistent Sound out of your PA System, this training resource will give you everything you need to know and a step by step plan to...

  • Eliminate Feedback
  • Get Crystal Clear Vocals
  • Be an EQ Expert
  • Run Monitors
  • Master Compressors/Gates
  • Troubleshoot Impossible Problems
  • Design/Upgrade your System

Apart from working with the biggest names in the business on massive world tours, David has mixed thousands of events in Mega-Churches and little local Churches.

"My heart goes out to all the Churches around the world that have bad, inconsistent sound week after week. I do some consulting with many of them but I wanted to create a resource that you could have in your library and give to any new volunteer who wants to run sound. It's basically like hiring me for a weekend to train your sound team...but you can do it time after time as new volunteers cycle through." - (David Wills)

Let the master of Pro Audio train your team to bring you CONSISTENT, EXCELLENT sound. There simply is no other training product like this that takes you through designing, troubleshooting and running your live sound system in such a complete way.

11 Lessons

15 mins
free preview
14 mins
Sound Theory
34 mins
The Equipment
35 mins
Setting Up The Stage
28 mins
Using a Mixing Console (part 1)
37 mins
Using a Mixing Console (part 2)
22 mins
Troubleshooting (part 1)
23 mins
Troubleshooting (part 2)
33 mins
Mixing (part 1)
33 mins
Mixing (part 2)
12 mins

About the instructor

It you!
David Wills
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David Wills whose credits includes Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins, Diana Ross, Chicago and many others is the host and developer of over 60 …

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