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Understanding the Tarot

——   Created by Fernando Albert

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Tarot Cards have been around for a very long time, and with then, a great deal of wisdom.

"Understanding the Tarot" is going to be a very straightforward, yet smooth and enjoyable to understand. Through the course of the centuries, Tarot gained a lot of rules and complications. However, it is much easier than it appears to be. 

In this course, you will get a good foundation about Tarot Cards, your Intuition, and how to combine both to provide amazing readings. After a few foundations classes, I will be sharing the symbolism of the cards themselves, in a way that you will learn to connect that symbolism with your intuition and interpretation. You will not need to learn by heart everything I am saying. You will need an open mind and allow the information to blend with your knowings. 

While you are going through each of the cards, I will be sharing additional tips and lessons, so it becomes much more enjoyable! It is the best way to learn, especially when talking about Tarot.

Do not hesitate to check out my Intro video. I am sure you are going to enjoy this course and learn lots!

Note: "Understanding the Tarot" has new classes. One of them is about Questions and Answers, while others are more topics that will help you with Tarot.

The course project

Be able to perform a complete reading using Tarot Cards.

Make sure to expand your consciousness, be more connected with your Higherself and for you to trust the insight you receive from the cards.

89 Lessons

Get to know your teacher and what this course is about.
3 mins
Understanding the tarot: why should you take this course?
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Little Introduction: finding and connecting.
6 mins
Hello, I am a tarot deck. May I come with you?
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4 mins
Read the cards, not the book! Read with your mind's eye
4 mins
Got card spreads? They are unnecessary!
8 mins
Tarot "data" symbolism
Major Arcana.
5 mins
A brief introduction to Major Arcana.
7 mins
The Fool.
5 mins
The Magician.
6 mins
The High Priestess.
6 mins
The Empress.
3 mins
The Emperor.
4 mins
The Hierophant.
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About the instructor

It you!

Fernando Albert is a very gifted Psychic Medium and Energy Healer. He speaks English, Spanish, Galician, and Catalan. Fernando believes in constant learning and …

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