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Use of Business Intelligence - Basics of Data & Data Mining

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You Will Learn Business Intelligence, Data Requirements, Data Analysis, Dashboards, Data Warehouse & Mining

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4h 53m
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This course will teach you three main things.

1. Meaning Business Intelligence and process of developing business intelligence system - 

We will let you through the process of making business decisions, the process of analysis, How to develop Dashboards, How to identify KPIs, and align with business needs.

2. Meaning of Data and basics of database management and design

In this section we will learn what data is included (its much more than text and tables), How we store the data and analysise the data through data warehouse process

3. Understand what is data mining and how data mining can be used in business.

We will take you through basis process of data mining. THIS COURSE IS NOT FOR YOU IF YOU ARE LOOKING TO LEARN ALGORITHMS OR REAL PROGRAMMING. In this course we will focus on how you can use data mining techniques in understanding and resolving business problems.

Business Intelligence is necessary at every step of business whether planning, growing, scaling, and day-to-day decision making. We will learn how we can create intelligent systems.

We will also learn how to design and create a dashboard by choosing the right KPIs balancing all key prospects of the business.

The cornerstone of business intelligence is data and its storage. we will learn what are different types of data and how it is stored in a database. We will earn the essentials of data ware.

Data mining is important due to the large data volumes generated by society. we will learn how we can use this vast data in business applications

24 Lessons

5 mins
What is business intelligence
free preview
7 mins
Understanding business intelligence
free preview
21 mins
Decision making process
12 mins
Problem structure and decision support system
18 mins
Introduction to BI applications
8 mins
Dashboard presentation systems
30 mins
Different types of charts used in BI dashboards
13 mins
Good dashboard and BSC
7 mins
Examples of bad dashboards
2 mins
Examples of bad dashboards continued
27 mins
Process of KPI development
8 mins
Overview of data warehouse
9 mins
Additional explanations of data warehouse
18 mins
Data warehouse architectural tiers
16 mins
Data warehouse components
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