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This practical course is focused on the "Value Proposition Canvas" tool that helps startups and organizations design compelling products and services that customers will buy. It's must have tool if you want to save time and effort in designing your product or service. The best thing is it's visual, practical and is easy to learn. This world class tool was introduced in Alex Osterwalder's top seller book "Value Proposition Design" and is a continuation of the "Business Model Canvas". This excellent visual tool is easy and practical. 

  1. Use the value proposition canvas to come up with great value propositions
  2. Develop deeper understanding of your customer
  3. Map out a detailed customer profile
  4. Design products and services based on customer needs
  5. Extract powerful value propositions
  6. Check your customer-product fit

The course project

Create your own value proposition canvas using the attached resources.

You can develop a value proposition canvas for your pwn products and services whether you are a startup or a larger organization. It can be on anything you want. 

Consider one of these suggestions:

  • Create a value proposition canvas for the ideal student cafe
  • Create a value proposition canvas for a mother's purse
  • Create a value proposition canvas for a homeowners ladder
  • Create a value proposition canvas for kids playground

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About the instructor

Emad Saif is an educator, entrepreneur and engineer all in one! He specialize in entrepreneurship education and training and currently lectures at Qatar University. He has professional engineering experience in manufacturing, logistics and construction, but later he took an entrepreneurial direction. He got involved in several technology startups and later …

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