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Watercolor and Airbrush Portrait

——   Created by Nero di Venere

Traditional Painting in Watercolor and Airbrush technique

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Hello Artists,

In this class, I will do a watercolour portrait, warm tonality, mixing the airbrush and watercolor technique.

Realistic portrait done in airbrush, and abstract watercolour background, in wet on wet technique. I will show you in this class the entire process. Hopefully you will enjoy this painting, and let me know anything you wish i'll do for you.

See you soon :)

The course project

In this specific painting project, the focus will be to work on a warm skin tone, and make it under neon light in red magenta and orange tonality.

You can do all the painting in brush and watercolour, if you don't feel comfortable using airbrush.

  • find the volume of the face step by step
  • make realistic portrait with shading
  • avoid use the black
  • make final highlights and flare effect with white

As colours, I used liquid watercolour, acrylic ink, and classical watercolour in tube. I didn't use the black, because i think use that colour will kill the entire vibrance, brightness and saturation of the entire final result. Instead of the black, i used dark brown, sepia, burnt humber and similar.

Please, let me know what do you think and also if you can get the goal, following your personal style.

See you soon.

15 Lessons

3 mins
5 mins
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3 mins
Fix Paper on Board
4 mins
Basic Volumes and Skin Tone
5 mins
Skin Tone 2nd Step
3 mins
Skin Make-Up
5 mins
Skin Shadows
free preview
6 mins
Paint the Hair
4 mins
Airbrush Last Step
5 mins
Watercolour Wet on Wet
4 mins
Watercolour Dark Details
free preview
2 mins
Quick Trick: Sponge and White Gouache
3 mins
Flare Effect
4 mins
Final Step: Highlights
2 mins
Greetings and Final Result
free preview
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About the instructor

It you!

I am Nero di Venere and I am an artist born in Italy. Since March 2000, I became a professional artist in some different medium …

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