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Watercolor Bliss: Let Go of Stress and Find Inner Peace with Watercolor

——   Created by Kimma Smith

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Come join the fun and be a part of a community of creatives who are learning to use watercolor as a way to soothe stress, heal anxiety, and dive deeper into our own unique, creative voices. 

This class features easy painting lessons designed to help reduce stress, anxiety, worry, and depression through simple projects where we focus on the process more than the product. 

The lessons are designed to be easy and fairly quick so when you are feeling overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, etc., you can just sit down, pick up your brush and dive deep into the relaxing and healing process of painting without wondering what to paint and without the pressure of feeling like you have to paint something perfect. 

The point of these exercises is to help melt stress away and let the healing power of painting bring peace and joy back into your life, even if it’s only for five minutes at a time. 

Watercolor Bliss: let go of stress and find inner peace with watercolor

You'll receive nearly 6 hours of video painting lessons in real-time. Each lesson features easy-to-follow painting exercises designed to be meditative and relaxing, melting your stress away and helping you become more centered and feel that warm soul-hug that inner peace brings. 

I know that a six-hour class is quite long, but if you break it down to one lesson per day that would be a great way to begin a daily painting meditation practice into your life, and I will be there to guide you every step of the way. 

These lessons will help you to:

* Let go of stress

* Find inner peace and tranquility

* Find your creative flow

* Create beautiful paintings

* Improve your painting skills with fun (and easy) painting projects

* Learn basic color theory in an easy and natural way

* Discover and develop your own personal artistic style

The point of these exercises is to help melt stress away and let the healing power of painting bring peace and joy back into your life, even if it’s only for five minutes at a time. 

Relieve the stress of everyday life with a low-stress way of playing with and practicing watercolor. Stress melts away as you get lost in the beauty of watercolor. At the same time, you'll be effortlessly practicing your watercolor skills (brush control, water to pigment ratio, etc.).

Videos in real-time so you can paint right along with me. (Feel free to speed them up if need be.)

You can go back to the projects time and time again and create something different each and every time. 

Relax, quiet your mind, and at the same time, learn and improve your watercolor painting skills and discover your own style. 

NOTE: When I first created this class I offered it as a monthly subscription, which is why you'll hear me talking about "this month" so much. 

Student testimonials from my classes:

"Thank you for this wonderful watercolor class. The examples are very helpful and can be a great inspiration for anyone who wants to step up their watercolor game!" ~ W.S. 

"Wow! What an explosion of inspiration and color. I absolutely loved this class, Kimma! I love your simple instructions - very well explained - and loved the end result." ~ G.B. 

"This is just wonderful, thank you Kimma! It's exactly what I didn't know that I needed :)" ~ R.J.

“Thank you for this colour theory. I now understand much better about colour mixing. I have enjoyed your instruction. I have learnt something each day but found this lesson to be particularly helpful. Thank you.” ~ J.P.

“That's a very practical and usable way of making color swatches. I learnt to take more time and make them a lot bigger than I did, this is very helpful, thank you. Your way of explaining makes it so easy to understand this difficult part of the painting process. THANK YOU! ” ~ R.M.

“This is so helpful! Very fun! Thank you!” ~ C.K.

“Very informative. Thank you!” ~ M.C. 

The course project

Your class project is to try out each of the exercises in these lessons and I would love to see you post them in the Class Projects section. 

24 Lessons

7 mins
20 mins
Cool Color Circles
free preview
14 mins
Warm Color Circles
21 mins
Overlapping Circles
9 mins
Adding More Layers to Your Circles
18 mins
Wet on Wet Circle Grid
4 mins
Adding Some Salt
19 mins
Mark-Making Time
16 mins
All Over Circles Composition
21 mins
Adding Some Marks to Your Circles
23 mins
Original Circles Grid Mark Making Time
19 mins
Mixing Colors
6 mins
Using the Decision Maker App and Setting Up Your Paper
20 mins
Color Play: Splashing in Color
4 mins
Color Play: Reveal
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Kimma Smith
Kimma Smith
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Hi, I'm Kimma Smith ~ I’m a self-taught artist and am head-over-heels in love with watercolor and mixed media. I'm inspired by nature, color, and …

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