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Watercolor Botanical Painting - Easy to Follow Steps

——   Created by Disha Sharma

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In this class, I will teach you how to paint realistic botanicals using watercolors. I will walk you through my process of approaching a painting from start to finish. I will talk about how to find inspiration, take pictures and combine different images to create a nice composition for your final painting. I'll share my simplest techniques in this class so if you are a beginner, after taking this class you'll be confident enough to pick up your brushes and start your botanical illustration journey.

We will use Wet on Dry technique instead of Wet on Wet for making it as simple a process for anyone to follow along. 

This class is perfect for you if: 

  • You are a beginner with watercolors
  • You want to start painting botanicals with watercolor paints.
  • You have some experience with watercolor techniques but are intimidated to start with botanical illustration
  • You want to learn how to create an appealing composition using your own images or the images from web.
  • You want to enjoy the process of making art 

The course project

Watercolor Botanical Painting with Easy to Follow Steps.

To make your own beautiful botanical illustration follow the steps listed below:

  1. Visit a botanical garden and take lots of pictures of the florals and botanicals you would like to paint
  2. If you cannot visit any garden or do not have access to the flora, take inspiration form Pinterest, Google, Unsplash, Pixabay etc . I'll recommend selecting a subject and then gathering images will make the process simpler.
  3. Start sketching some basic shapes on a piece of paper/iPad and try to create a composition you like.
  4. Now work on the details in your sketch and complete the sketch with all the elements you would like to include in your painting.
  5. Once you are happy with your sketch, use a tracing paper and trace your sketch on the final watercolor paper. If you are using an iPad for sketching, -- lesson in the class will show you how to use your iPad as a light box. Trust me this will make your life easier :)
  6. After tracing the sketch, remove extra graphite with a kneadable eraser and start with the watercolor painting using the steps shown in the class.
  7. After 2-3 layers of painting, add details and finishing touches.
  8. Take a picture and upload in the project gallery

You can use the image and the sketch provided in the resources section of your project of this class. However, I will always encourage you to come up with your own composition and create a nice painting. 

9 Lessons

2 mins
5 mins
Tools & Supplies
7 mins
Tracing - Guided Acces in iPad
9 mins
Watercolor First Layer
3 mins
Masking Fluid
10 mins
Watercolor Second Layer
6 mins
Watercolor Layering - Continued
8 mins
Watercolor Third Layer
12 mins
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Disha Sharma
Disha Sharma
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Hello Everyone !!

My name is Disha. I am an artist and illustrator who loves to dive deep into the world of watercolors and gouache. …

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