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Watercolor - Making your own paint from pigment

——   Created by Denise Love

Expand your creativity with creating paint from scratch

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In this class, I am going to show you how easy it is to make your own watercolor paints. Many artists find it fun and satisfying to create their own paints to use in their art. I love experimenting with supplies, so when I discovered I could make some of my own with just a few materials and it was easy - I was all in. Making paint is all about the creative process for me. It is all about exploring, experimenting, and the trials and errors you'll encounter along the way. It is these processes that help up grow as artists in our own unique ways. 

I'll show you a couple of different recipes for making watercolor paint - one with less filler material and one with more filler material. The 2nd alternative set is the recipe I like most myself the most - it has a bit more fillers and less shrinkage - so if you want to get started right away - that is the one I'd recommend you do first.

Why make your own paint? Well... besides just wanting to and pushing yourself creativity... I like how you have complete control over what is going into your paint. Have any chemical sensitivities? This is the perfect way to ensure you can use ingredients you aren't going to react to.

This class is for you if:

  • You are interested in making your own watercolor paints for your art
  • You love experimenting with art supplies
  • You love watching how others approach their painting practice
  • You want to experiment and grow as an artist

Safety - It is a good idea to always be thinking about safety when you are working with pigments. Some pigments like cadmium are toxic - so you will want to make it a habit to wear some disposable gloves to keep the pigments off your skin and from under your nails, wear a dust mask - you don't want to be breathing any of the dust from the pigments, don't mix paints in your kitchen or anywhere you might eat, don't eat while you are mixing pigments, don't use any of your kitchen supplies for paint mixing - have a separate set of supplies just for your art.

The course project

By the end of this class, you'll be inspired and ready to create some of your own watercolor paints!

Your project: Is to create some of your very own watercolors. You can get some pigment and supplies from your local art supply store, or order some from one of my favorite sources - Natural Earth Paint - and start creating. My favorite recipe is the alternative one I show you in class. It is the one that I have the most success with for almost every single pigment I try. I encourage you to play with your recipes when you get comfortable mixing paints. Many artists who make paints tweak their recipes to the quantities and ingredients they like best. I'd love for you to come back and share with us what you created and something you painted using these new paints!

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8 mins
free preview
3 mins
Safety tips
5 mins
Making gum
17 mins
Mixing and saving your paints
2 mins
Saving wet paint in containers
13 mins
Abstract test paintings
11 mins
Grinding pigment
4 mins
6 mins
One day after making paint test
6 mins
One week after making paint test
4 mins
Three weeks after making paint test
7 mins
Making gum (alt recipe)
11 mins
Mixing paints alternate recipe
7 mins
Abstract test paintings alt set
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