Watercolor Painting for Beginners : Autumn Themed Floral Bouquet

——   Created by Michelle Gonzalez

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Painting loose floral bouquets can be complicated and frustrating for some, especially beginners. In this class, I show the basic brush strokes for painting a rose, a David Austin rose, and a carnation using different brushes in real time. While it is possible to create a beautiful watercolor bouquet using one round brush or a pointed mop brush, I find that certain types of brushes are ideal for achieving different flowers. This is why I decided to demonstrate painting each flower using a specific type of brush. I am also painting this floral bouquet with Autumn / Fall colors, a color combination that a lot of people love because of its warm, nostalgic appearance. I hope you enjoy watching the steps that I share in this class and paint along with me!

The course project

After I show how each type of flower is painted, I will also guide you through painting the whole Autumn themed floral bouquet. I encourage you to paint the bouquet as I have shown in this class, then at a later time, paint this bouquet again using your own mix of colors and arrangement so you can appreciate this process even more.

11 Lessons

Course introduction
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Palette tip
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How to paint a carnation using a triangle brush
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How to paint a rose using a dagger brush
How to paint a david austin rose using a cats tongue oval wash brush
How to paint different leaves using a round brush
How to paint fillers using a round brush
Class project painting the autum themed floral bouquet part 1
Class project painting the autum themed floral bouquet part 2
Final thoughts
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About the instructor

Hello, I'm Michelle, also known as @brushstrokesbymichelle on Instagram, and I am a watercolor artist and teacher from Manila, Philippines. 

I started pursuing my artistic passion in 2018, as a birthday gift to myself. I did not know that I would be painting almost every single day after I attended a 3-hour …

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