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Watercolor Poppies | Buds To Flowers

——   Created by Kellie Chasse

Exploring watercolor flowers for beginners | painting poppies

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Summer Poppies - painting watercolor buds to flowers - For Beginners and up!

I LOVE POPPIES and had so much fun creating this course for you!

Realistic paintings can be intimidating for many new watercolorists so in this course we will start with the basic shapes and by the final project to improve your skills and take your painting to the next level with a more realistic look.

Flower and art lovers..... we are once again going deep into details in this course! 


  • Printable PDF supply list included below in the downloads (US Amazon links).
  • Create a simple Color chart with red and orange and test out amounts of water and blending.
  • Learn to expand on those colors by adding a Glaze to create more shades and depth.
  • Paint a simple quick poppy shape for practice.
  • Learn to paint poppies at different stages of opening.
  • Practice with poppy pen and ink for quick results, perfect for cards or adding some little touches to your paintings.
  • Dive a little deeper with glazes and create some more realistic details by layering.
  • For our final project, we will create a realistic Poppy Bud with extra fine details!

If you have been working with watercolors and are ready for the next step of realism then let's jump in!

I am so thankful to have you here!

Kellie Chasse

Simple living| Debt Free| Content Creator

"Don't take life to seriously and always stay Creative!"

The course project

Thanks so much for joining me in this course, I hope you enjoyed the extra lectures and projects in this one. 

So...speaking of projects are you ready to start?

Project #1 - Create a color chart using the practice sessions we discussed. Watch and test your papers, colors and water ratios.

Project #2 - Practice your poppy shapes using just little shapes of color. Test out your different shapes to see how you can turn them into a flower using those 3 color shades. 

Project #3 - Work on creating those little poppy buds, open, partially open, and then fully closed. 

Project #4 - Background practice - try a few different colors to see what combo interests you and don't forget to try them with and without alcohol. 

Project #5 - Ready to paint your Large poppy project. You can print out the image to trace or draw free hand.

Project #6 - Your final project is to complete the realistic poppy bud. 

Can't wait to see each one of them.

Feel free to email me your projects to [email protected]       

Thanks again and I am so thankful to have you here!

Kellie X

Simple Living, Debt Free, Content Creator, and Full time Artist/Instructor

15 Lessons

2 mins
free preview
10 mins
Color test
5 mins
Let's take a look at some poppy shapes
free preview
4 mins
Practice a quick poppy
8 mins
Poppy shapes layering petals
11 mins
Practice poppy buds
11 mins
Pen and ink poppies
9 mins
Masking practice abstract poppy
11 mins
Practice poppy backgrounds
11 mins
Large poppy - part 1
6 mins
Large poppy - part 2
12 mins
Large poppy - part 3
10 mins
Realistic poppy bud - part 1
10 mins
Realistic poppy bud - part 2
2 mins
Time for your projects!
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Jessica Sanders liked this class and said...

What a great watercolor class! I enjoyed the teacher's easy going, relaxed style. I also love how there's a practice session before going on to paint a "real" painting! Highly recommend! <3

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Kellie Chasse
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My name is Kellie, I am a Debt-Free, Simple living, Lake Artist, Content Creator, Art Influencer, and online instructor from Maine with over …

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